Friday, 27 June 2008

Bakin' Boys, Gossip And Madam Kwan's @ KLCC

M.C.Square is a certified bum! We were supposed to accompany HungryJess shop for a brand new wardrobe in KLCC. Instead of giving our lazy legs some exercise, we end up resting our cute bums almost half the time there. The whole time we were making fun of the fats that M.C.Square has managed to store in his body. Hehe. We did it out of love. Pure love, man! LOL. I don't understand why he bought sports attire as Chinese New Year clothes this year but end up keeping it for good. Better start jogging, else the "Adult" belt wouldn't fit you anymore, my dear friend. The so-called teenager belt couldn't fit M.C.Square anymore! :P

M.C.Square reminiscing over his 'old' buffed body

M.C.Square tried a cookie from Bakin' Boys. The stall is located at the highest floor. I think the stall is new. Or has it been that long since I stepped into KLCC -_-" Outdated. I accidentally 'stole' the menu home! Paiseh*

Bakin' Boys

They have a variety of flavors to choose from. There were also pieces of cookies cut for people to try. I had a bite on the one M.C.Square bought. Very very chocolatety! Chocolate lovers would adore this. It tasted more like brownies than cookies actually. The one we tested actually has melted chocolate on the inside. HungryJess loves it coz it's chocolate. It was only so-so for me as I do not have cravings for deserts for a very long time already. The cookie was rather too sweet for me too.

I forgot the name of it

I wonder a cookie like that managed to fill which part of M.C.Square's stomach. I guess it went down without a feel. We head to Madam Kwan's for lunch after walking into a few shops looking for his belt :)

HungryJess ordered the famous Nasi Lemak but she changed the rice into white rice. Healthier! The curry tasted good as usual. The portion was big, for me. But it was just nice for HungryJess. Price range is about RM12++.

Madam Kwan's nasi lemak

M.C.Square ordered Nasi Bojari. It is a type of Indonesian coloured rice that comes with assam prawns, beef/chicken (your choice) rendang and deep fried chicken drumsticks. The drumstick was HUGE! It cost about RM19++. The rice smells really good and it tasted good too. The curry is just the same as those that served with nasi lemak. I don't think I can finish the whole plate if I were to eat it all myself.

Nasi Bojari tasted good.

Since I was not the one who went to KLCC with an empty stomach, the man ordered chendol as desert! But he, being a greedy one wanted the chendol to be served immediately, the same time as his main course. So he ends up having his 'melted' chendol instead. tsk*tsk* As you can see from the picture, there were not much red beans and green stuffs that chendol is supposed to have. It's a good thing though that the serve the palm sugar syrup separately so that you can pour depending on your liking. Totally forgotten how much it costs -_-


Chatted and gossiped at Madam Kwan's for at least 2 hours I think. I had lots of fun. The maggie trick was good. M.C.Square, HungryJess, lets all laugh now!! :P And we are all against living with our in-laws in future! Hehe.

Shy shy boy coz he ate too much on that day. Forget about diet *shakes head*


marcus said...

M.C. Square = Mong Cha Cha.. wow. i mean, howd u think of THAT? very entertaining and highly addictive, you blog :-D

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Nasi Bojari?
WTF? So expensive leh -_-

blurryhunniee said...

Er, actually his initials so coincidentally is MCC that's how he got the name =X

Yea, it is. But it is nice. Really.

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