Thursday, 7 August 2008

Baby Boy's Second Birthday Celebration @ Laundry Bar, The Curve

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This is so outdated. Suit my style :P After Spicy-B's eve birthday celebration with his family, we head to Laundry Bar the next day, 12th July 2008. Baby boy's real birthday was celebrated with his close friends, a girl from MDG, a radio DJ and me as an extra -_-"

I'll give way to let the pictures to the talking alright :)

Caught in the act! Apparently these two were the sizzling hot, perfect matching couple of the night :P Pei Jun and Hao Lim *kiss*kiss*

What have been said is for you to judge whether it's true or the total opposite.

We have totally forgotten to take pictures of the food :( The portion was huge! Spicy-B being a food lover, a greedy one he is, ordered so many. More than enough actually. Imagine, the night before was German, then now Italian. Ugh, totally stuffed! Leng Xiang commented that one side of the table is eating more than the other side. One side were talking, the other were busy eating almost the whole time. How ironic of the seating arrangement eh? =S

The yapping tribe

The Eat-While-You-Can tribe =S

Since there are no food pictures, you guys would have to bear with handsome and pretty faces of ours :P

Birthday boy with Meng Zhee, Debbie and her bf, which I can't recall his name. Joshua?? Ekkkk.....

The girl-ish lala post by Nigel and Spicy-B (Please don't do that ever again. LOL)

Men In Black

*Slap your forehead now if you think there won't be pictures of us!*
Here's a picture of us. I looked horrible. I looked like I came from the 80's or something. Please tell me that I don't look like I put on a few inches of make-up on my face coz I did not! All I had on was a thin line of eyeliner and concealer to cover some pimples. I was born with very red lips so my lips will always look like I had lipstick on. Conclusion, I don't like how I looked that night! Gosh, I'm vain! Sue me if you can.

Us. Us. Us.

After gulping down the food, the staff brought a complimentary birthday cake! *or someone bought it? I have no idea*

Baby boy's 22nd birthday cake!

Why oh why must they follow the Friday's tradition?! Spicy-B has got to stand on the chair and give a speech. Do not like giving speeches? Don't go there on your birthday!

Oh, look at the shy boy.... Hehe...

It wasn't even my birthday, but I was made to stand on a chair too. Where's the justice?! -_-"

He doesn't love me enough to tell the world how much he loves me. *Sobs* :P

Then the birthday song! Here's where the MDG girl and the DJ comes in. Everyone around was singing him a birthday song so as Alison from MDG and Jeremy from together with their hip friends who were singing just the table next to ours.

Cake chopping ceremony

Shall we view the group photos now?

Almost all in black or red. Such a coincidence.

I wonder who Hao Lim was trying to grab there... Hmmmm.............

Next, moved to the drinking area.

Drinker of the night goes to.... Nigel!

No longer sober after one drink? I doubt so.

"Drink more and I can kill you with my stare!"

Awwww... hugs and kisses**

We headed to Friendster Cafe thereafter before calling it a night.

An official 22nd Birthday to you, Baby Boy!!! *same age already, not so much of a baby now eh*

P/S: There was a third celebration coming up!


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow..So many pics!
How's your when standing on the fair xD

Serene said...

ya celebration looks really fun! happy bday to ya boy :)

EVo said...

Aiyo..totally didn't recognize ur pic..hehe..

hurley said...

i tot irv posted this up like weeks ago? hmm...

TINTIN said...

I see a sweet and pretty lady in RED !!! ^.^

blurryhunniee said...

You mean chair? Hehe. Damn shy ler. Awkward.

That's a very belated wish. Thanks.

You see me before? I look different in every pictures I've posted, don't you think so? I look horrible this time though.

That's why I said this is a very outdated post. I'm blog in updating stuffs. I even skipped the Malacca trip. So lazy to blog. Haha.

There were two in red :P

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

SO many bDay BASH? But no WhipCreams TO BASH. SAd =P

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
Yea, next time you celebrate with other people then.