Saturday, 16 August 2008

Word Challenge

I can't believe I'm addicted to another FB game after "Who Has The Biggest Brain?". Word Challenge is so much fun. Play whole day, with less guilt thinking that it's an educational game -_-" Build as many words as you can from the given alphabets. The trickiest part is the bonus round where I'm to guess the names of friends from the list using the given alphabets. So far, I only got it right once.

SlowCatchUpKuan is such a jealous woman! She can't stand to watch my scores increasing. So she signed in her FB, added the Word Challenge application and bloody beat my score!! I was ranked the 9th this morning till she start playing :( Now the record shows that she's ranked 8 and I'm 10. Sigh.

I vow to improve my England -_-"


usws said...

What's your score now? I main tipu one! Hahaha...

blurryhunniee said...

Wow.. Can main tipu wan? How? Share! Share! Haha. But email me instead. I don't want my boy to cheat in order to beat my score! :P

25513 is my highest score. How about you?