Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lee Chong Wei marks Olympic 2008

Dad has been hogging the remote control all evening (I was in the room but don't think I don't know!) and mom has been checking and re-checking the TV guide for a couple of time. I wasn't sure what's wrong with them till mom asked "Ei, the badminton finals today, right? What time ah?" for countless times. -_-"

We were all geared with sweet corns to binge on while watching the match.

I was so very excited about it. Malaysia making it into the finals in the Olympic games. I'm so proud of you, Chong Wei! :D

Oh yea, the match was between Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia and Lin Dan from China (in case you don't know lar).

Our Chong Wei is so thin compared to Lin Dan. I wonder if that's the reason he lost in the match. You should see Lin Dan's lean body. The muscled arms. Smack* Smack* Smack* SMACK* SMACK* His strength. Chong Wei missed quite a lot of cocks (shuttlecocks). Sigh.

I was kind of disappointed with Chong Wei's performance today. He looked disturbed and pressured. A little slow in reacting towards the cock. Fell on the ground a number of times. Maybe the shouts from China supporters were buzzing in his head. Lin Dan must have trained real hard since China is hosting the games. Tough one to beat.

Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the finals. Gosh, look at the body (picture below)! Hot! Hot! Hot! He was throwing his racket and shoes to his supporters at the end of the games. I reckon he should have thrown his shirt as well! :P

The silver medal goes to Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia!! Anyhow, you have done us proud! Malaysia and Malaysians are proud of you, Chong Wei!! Cheers*


afham said...

we very proud of u chong wei..

Simon Seow said...

What la u, ppl checkout their games, you checkout their body.

cbenc12 said...

i am one of them that keep asking from fri to sat morning, what time ar?? hahaha..
cant miss it..!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

i was expecting a good match as i am going for badminton after that. sigh. that match definitely spoil my badminton session =(

Lee definitely did not put his best.

e s t a n c u s said...

weih weih... why you had to post Lin Dan's body pic? huhuhu....

vested interest i see.. hwa hwa hwa..

imissed it la. how? good ah? i heard LCW kena bashed izit? haha. but Msia got silver, woohoo!

and LCW get a couple of thoushands and this, RM3000 PENCHANT for the rest of his life!!

come to think of it, we are taxpayer and paying for his livelihood. wahaha. bummer.

blurryhunniee said...


simon seow
I did check out the game k! But not as good as I expected, I must admit. And I can't close my eyes and not watch Lin Dan, right? :P

*faint* You can join my mom! :P But I think there are more out there who asked the same. LOL

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
i thought you went for futsal? Badminton?

LCW was obviously very pressured lar.

e s t a n c u s
Marcus, are you too interested in his body?! :P

The match was good if you're a Lin Dan supporter. He played well. But LCW got silver wey!! He's a good player too lar. Hehe.

Hmm, he got silver leh! Pay him rather than let the money goes into those 'big' people's pockets -_-"

BeverLy's Secret said...

I love Chong Wei!!!! He gave his best already... Perhaps we should change the coach :p

Tekkaus said...

Chong Wei did his best. He surpassed Rashid sidek's bronze medal and he is the only Malaysian to win any medal for the 28th Olympics. So a pat on his back. But he really need to be more strong-built to face Lin Dan aka more muscles!!! =)

e s t a n c u s said...

*uiseh* say like tht meh... =_=" haha. :-G

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Yep, Chong Wei didn't look good at all and he seemed very sad after the game. Still, he did a good job on winning a silver medal.

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Feel like killing lindan this fella...Banyak "Action"

blurryhunniee said...

beverly's secret
Uh oh... I kinda agree with what you said! :P

I'm proud of him too. Silver medal in Olympic, it's no easy job. Lin Dan really muscled right! ;P

e s t a n c u s
LOL. You can not agree with me.

Well, he did 'lost' to Lin Dan in the finals. How to look too happy. Hehe.

=X No need to kill gua. but no doubt he's a good player. You do not like the part where he throws his racket and shoes uh?