Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Urgent! To Quit Or Not To Quit College??!!

My reply to the comments on my previous post was a bit too long that I decided to make it as a new post instead. Dear readers, I need to confirm my decision by 8 a.m, tomorrow morning because I'd be registering and PAY the tuition fees for the subjects that I've selected. After that, there is no turning back for me anymore!! =X


I am now in my last year of Advanced Diploma, that is the reason to the whole dilemma. Coz I am suppose to graduate in 3 months time. However, with the papers which I foresee I will fail, I will not be able to graduate at that time.

So if I were to resit the "failed" papers internally this coming April, I would be sitting together with this semester's papers accumulating 5 to 6 papers at once. This I foresee will fail as well due to the time constraint as I kind of know that I need more time to study some of the subjects. So in order to not fail more, I can only opt to seat for the "failed" papers after this semester's papers, which means I still grad at the supposed time.

Another thing is the period to resit after this semester is so weird that I can't take outside tuition to guide me. Corporate Reporting is a paper that needs guidance to pass.

So if I take external straight away, I would have extra 3 months to study those papers coz the exams is in June, and hopefully pass it.

It's difficult to study the subjects when you are taking different papers internally and externally. It's like internally I need to study A, B and C subject and at the same time I need to study D and E for external. The amount of subjects only means less time for each subjects, and higher chance to fail. If I fail ALL then I would need to resit ALL of of it once again. Sigh..

But if I take ACCA (external) straight, I would just need to concentrate on A, B, C and make sure I pass it. Then only study D and E.


Aronil said...

hi thre blurry.. in my very honest opinion.. i do not think you should quit ur studies unless you are absolutely sure you want to do something else.

Also if u are already in it like say ur secon year, don't give up. Just bulldoze through and get it done andover with...

To some extent i don't like the degree i did.. and also looking at most of friend it doesn't matter what degree you did in uni cause they are all in different fields away from what they studied.

At the same time the degree is pretty much a trump card, if you'd like. It secures u at least of some kind of job. So for me.. i'd say don't give it up.. just finish it and be done with it.

Give it up only if you know there is something else you want to do,passionate enough about and really worth your while.

Hope this helps but it's just my two cents. :)


blurryhunniee said...

Thank you so much for the advice.

Hmm..put it this way. I am not actually giving up. Am just taking a different route.. I was actually doing my Advanced Diploma and ACCA at the same time. So what I'm doing now is to let go of my Advanced Diploma and continue do solely on my ACCA as I've only Part3 to complete.

To be honest, I couldn't accept the decision I've made at first. But think clearly, it is undeniable that ACCA cert has higher value than the Advanced Diploma cert although it is actually equivalent papers and the subjects are the same actually.

Hmm.. I will give it more thought.. Looks like nobody is supporting my decision. I'm worried I'm making the wrong decision.

Anyways, both internal and external papers will bring me to the same job scope. So it's a matter of the duration in getting those certs and the pay that they offer out there for different certs..

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should quit.
Trust yourself.

usws said...

If you can continue later and if you're not actually stopping altogether, then i guess it's okay. It's not going to be a waste of time cause you're gonna use it to study and make sure you get good results for all your papers, right? Haha.. sorry, i'm pressurizing you.

Naw, i think yours isn't called quiting, it's called being prepared for the future. I on the other hand, really feel like quiting altogether because i just can't find any use for what i'm learning. Learning IS fun, but not the kind i'm doing. Crappy!


p.s. Don't listen to me, i'm delusional. Plus, i slept through New Year.