Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My Eyes Can See....

There's nothing wrong with my eyes! The last time I went for those F.O.C eye examination, they told me my power is only 50 *er..or was it 70?* so there is no need to wear any glasses!! Yippie!! I do look ugly in glasses.

But then I got this problem where I get headache or my eyes will be pain when I look at those cars from the opposite side of the road at night. I thought it was time for me to get a pair of eyeglasses, but then someone told me, "You ask around if anyone can look directly at those lights or not?! Haih..". So, there must be nothing wrong with my eyes. *Yeah, I believe in what I wish to believe in even if it doesn't sound right :P*

Am I wearing any glasses or contact lens now? Nah, I don't need those yet. In future, maybe. But then, there's always a thing called laser, right? *If only I can afford it* :)

P.S: The previous photo that I was wearing a glasses, my eyes were closed because the power of the glasses was too high. Will spoil my eyes you know if I open it! :P


usws said...

Uhh, i want contact lens! And glasses as well, for different occasion. Sometimes to look smart and other times for convenience. Glasses actually make some people look good if they choose the correct ones (or if they have a model's face - anything also looks good on them).


p.s. Better yet, laser surgery! Then i'd wear powerless glasses for FUN. HAHA!

blurryhunniee said...

I've tried contact lens before. Those free trials that they gave out. I had difficulties in putting on as well as taking it off my eyes! Took me almost half day to do that! =S I really envy those who looks good in glasses. I wanna wear 'em too!