Monday, 7 January 2008

My Final Decision That You've Been Waiting For

From the information that we've gathered, there isn't any other way out for me!

Option 1:
To get Advanced Diploma cert first. I have to study solely for the internal papers and ignore completely the external papers (ACCA) for this semester. Additional to that, I have to prolong my studies for half a year for resit the papers, then only I am able to get my Advanced Diploma cert provided that I pass all my papers by then. After completing Advanced Diploma, only then I am able to concentrate fully by getting tuitions outside for the ACCA papers, which obviously will take a longer time.

Option 2:
To get ACCA cert straight away. I got to stop attending classes in college, take tuitions outside and sit for the subjects failed first. This way, if everything goes well, I should be graduating with the ACCA cert in December '08.

Conclusion: Option 2!

There is a risk in everything, I know. I've already registered and paid for tuition classes for the failed subjects. Left me no choice but to quit college. To make it sound better, I am just taking another route to get the bloody ACCA cert!

Parents supported at first. But mom yelled at me today for the decision that I've made. It makes no sense at all! When I was still thinking about this matter, I tried to explain to both my parents for like hundreds of times. I even go to the extent that I asked my friends to explain it to my dad, in case their explanation are clearer. Dad accepted the idea and gave me a green light to make my own decision. Mom on the other hand, couldn't understand the whole situation. When I tried to explain more, she refuse to listen and claimed that she won't be able to understand and said that I should choose myself. She had been saying this, till the day I register and paid for the tuitions. She starts to object the whole idea of stopping college and continuing ACCA out there. However, it's already too late! Why must she do this to me when things can't be changed anymore?! Why didn't she say anything when she got the chance?! She is making me feel guilty for the decision I've made. I am hating the whole thing now!

Thank you very much for those who have supported me, although not many. Also not forgetting those who have provided me with their opinions and suggestions, thank you!!


3POINT8 said...

since u made your choice, there is not much point feeling guilty about it. Why not spend more of your energy into scoring for your ACCA??
All the best!

blurryhunniee said...

Well, the feeling just come to me all of a sudden. And it happens many times. Sigh..

I am working on my studies already. Else mom will strangle me to death. Wasted loadsa money =X

wenzi said...

add oil add oil.. just go for what u think is correct.

all the best..

no shark fin anyway..

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

mom just look up on u really much, so objected you following ur frens idea or u guys made up.. Maybe she just thinks u can do it.

It is a good thing in some ways but also gives you quite a lot of pressure.. do more than the best you could is all that matters. work hard, no regrets.

take care.

Chubby said...

Sis di ma view ang tagboard kaya dito nalang ang message ko ha, sorry off topic sa entry mo. Na linked na pala kita, thank you or linking my site too.


blurryhunniee said...

Thanks for your concerns. Final decision has been made and no turning back. Worked hard for one day, and lazed for the rest. *blush* Some things is just so hard to change. No worries though, will start to work hard once I'm done cleaning my room. =)

p.s: Wenzi.. I don't care. I will find you for the shark fin you owe me!! :P