Thursday, 24 January 2008

I Love My Gay Birthday!

Am I a birthday-hater? NO! I might sound like one in my previous post. *blush* I totally love birthdays! Yours, mine, everybody's! I love yours because of the parties *mostly on the drinks :P*, people, the atmosphere and when you're happy about your presents, I'm happy too! :) Hmm... about my own birthday? Well, let's just say I prefer others'. Haha. Don't get me wrong. Prefer does not equals to not like! I love my birthday! I love the wishes, the feel of being loved and the presents! *Duh! Who doesn't like to be pampered with gifts?!*

BatuBZ and YanIsFair have been such darlings to call me up 11 something just to make sure BatuBZ could be the first to wish me! Isn't that sweet or what?!
P.S: You got to make M.C.Square pay for my 7 glasses of tequilas wey! :P

My first birthday present this year was of course from the boyfriend. Yeap, Spicy-B managed to get the present from UK back to Malaysia for me. Thank you, Sir BabyPanda and KidCheng for the delivery service :P *I'm confused why you're called Panda* My birthday present- a Swarovski bracelet! I bet it cost Spicy-B a bomb to get it. It's really gorgeous. Never expected this to come. The arguments were never-ending! But I believe everyone deserves a second chance.*This has got nothing to do with the gift!* Let's hope things works out.


M.C.Square has been behaving himself for the whole day. Calling me by my real name instead of some yucky nickname that he created for me. *I hate the nicknames a lot!!* He obeyed everything I said and he didn't object to be my servant on my birthday! Woohoo... It's nice hearing him calling me 'My Lord'! How I wish every day is my birthday! Like what he said, "Happy days are only temporary!" He changed from an angel to a devil once the clock hits the number 12! End of my birthday, end of the servant contract *That's what you think! My wish last for the whole year, sucker! Haha* and also the beginning of me getting bullied! Sigh~

I really love all the wishes that friends sent through Facebook, Friendster, text messages, MSN, etc. I love you guys to bits, no matter you're in Malaysia, US, UK, Australia or Indonesia! There was this particular text message that touched me so much! I had to hold my tears when I read it. I don't feel touched so easily but HungryJess has managed to do that every birthday since the day we became friends! She said whatever she said in the message can't be told every single day because it would make her sound gay! Haha. I must admit, I love her gay message! I feel so loved! Haha. *Spicy-B must be hoping that he's she :P* Three and a half year of friendship is really something. I really hope the day where we grow apart will never come. We shall go UK or Australia together! It's a promise that is not meant to be broken! *I'd sue if you break that! I got an A for Business Law ok?! :P*

Thanks HungryJess and BadBoyVincent for the Forever21 jeans! I'm lovin' it!

I have been extremely bad in keeping in touch with friends. Absolutely, my bad! I know that friendship never break just like that. Maybe that's why I take things for granted.*Sorry* DianaInPink sent me the sweetest text message and Facebook wish ever!

Love you loads, girl!

Not forgetting, my first blog brithday wish from SlowCatchUpKuan!! Thank you. Thank you. Ahhh... I'm touched! Hehe..

Thanks, sis!

Thank you
all for everything! It means a world to me! All these are more valuable than getting a big box full of M&Ms! :D


Anonymous said...

everyone deserved to be one-day king/queen because birth-day is only one day each year. and indeed that day is belongs to you!

RaisingMercury said...

bling bling?? more like BBLLINNGGG BBLLLINNNGGG! =) lluccckkkyy you...happy bday girl!