Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Hairstyles And Face Shapes

I'm getting sick of my hairstyle! I want to cut it short! Make it straight! I love the waviness and fullness of my hair now, but I hate it when it gets messy and out of control.

I have been craving for a bob. But, how short or how long should it be? I found those websites where they offer advice on what type of hairstyle suits a particular face shape, however they were all useless to me as I do not even know how to categorise my own face shape! Haha.. Round perhaps? That's what I think. I don't think round shaped face suits bob cut =S There is a high possibility of me getting it wrong =X *Bah.. What do I know about hair?!*

For a bob cut to work perfectly, I shall rebond the tip of my hair! Why only the tip? Well, just to give myself a little hope that my entire hair wouldn't look like it's ironed-flat!

Now, I'm indecisive which type of hairstyle should I get and the length of it. All I know is, I do not really like the part that is suppose to slide long from the back to be too obvious. I find it kinda weird. Hehe. I need some professional advice! Hoping to cut it tomorrow =D Pray that it won't cost a bomb!

I like all of these!!

In reality, we know that what looks good on others doesn't mean it will look good on you. Sigh..



just do it and try it out!
remember to post up your latest photos when u do it,hehe~

Nux V said...

i like those styles too ;-)

Selfairy said...

in my opinion, i thk you should curl your hair and get some highlights. it'll suit you more because from the picture i see in your blogger profile, your hair and quite fine and kinda limp.

or maybe you should post a better picture in your blog to determine a better hairstyle for you! ;p

usws said...

Problem with bobs are that they don't stay 'bobby' unless you comb/blow it the way the hairstylists do. My sis' fell flat the next few days after she got it wet and stuff.

Uhh, anyhow, i really love the whole cover one eye thingy. Smexy! Haha.. Whatever it is, i want to see photos too! :D


p.s. Have a nice time with the haircut.

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Try 'Mi-maggi' hairstyle
or perhaps 'Mushroom' hairstyle?

Vais et visitez moi blog

Jax said...

Similar hairstyle is everywhere in the city... try to be unique ;)

MerDuriaN said...

erm... you better seek for professional opinion. Last week I went to saloon and told hairstylist I want to change hairstyles, my hairstylist advice me not to cut short because its not suitable for me and now the latest trend is keep it longer already

blurryhunniee said...

bb community
Photos will be taken and uploaded soon I hope. Hehe

nux v
Liking it and whether will be able to get the same look is totally different :(

You got it right about my hair. But I'm such a bum that I do not like the idea of spraying and putting some styling stuffs onto my hair if I were to curl it, so troublesome! Hehe. I'm worried that I'd look old if I curl it. Haha.

Will post a better picture of me in future for the next haircut alright ;)

I love the feel of someone messing with my hair. But having to worried about what the person might do to your hair, well..that's another thing. Haha.

Anyhow, will update about my haircut soon alright :)

I don't want lar kenny!!!
You cut yours into the mushroom style first only I follow ok? :P

I am not THAT young anymore.. Mushroom head just doesn't work for me anymore. Too bad..

Yeah, I know. But have been wanting to cut it short for quite some time. Who cares about the others, as long as you like it and are comfortable with your hair, right? ;D

I don't chase fashion. So it doesn't really matter if the haircut is "in" for this season or not. Hehe.