Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Search For MugMug Has Ended :,(

The search for MugMug has ended. Nothing else can be done except to wait, wait and wait for her to come home. We've went high and low to look for her. Walked and drove day and night to the nearest neighbourhood where she could possibly wander to but ended in disappointment.

We went to the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang to look for her, but ended in tears when we couldn't find her there. All we saw was how those other dogs were ill treated. The number of dogs they placed in a cage were so great that the dogs could not even move or let alone sleep in the cage. Some even died and left uncleaned in the cage with the other dogs. The place stinks so badly that you will feel like vomiting on the spot! I bet they never feed the dogs at all! How cruel can those people be?!

We even went to SPCA in Ampang, hoping that MugMug would be there waiting for us to fetch her home. However, things never seemed to go our ways! There wasn't any trace of MugMug at all! :(

EatAllYouCanShung went to search in DBKL, Gombak, but failed to locate her there. We don't know what else to do anymore. MugMug has gone missing for one week already!

I miss my MugMug so so much :,(

P.S: Thank you so much for those who helped. Really meant a lot to me~

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David Cheong said...

Hey, don't give up hope ok!