Thursday, 17 January 2008

Thien Hou Temple

New semester started not long before I together with a few other friends decided to leave college, so the half of the gang decided to visit Thien Hou Temple as some sort of last gathering before we get serious with our studies. Plus, BatuBozhong have not been there before ever since he came down to KL. He drove, and we do the babysitting :P *those guys are just another bunch of monkeys!*

Thian Hou Temple

Lucky us for being early! The cars were in a long queue already when we parked our cars. Phew*

M.C.Square, KungFuJeff, BatuHL, Me, YanIsFair, BatuBozhong, WeeGambles

YanIsFair and I did not know much about praying in temples. Being blur as usual, we followed exactly whatever the others said. Where to get the joss sticks, how many to get, what to do with it, where to place it, yada, yada, yada...*We are pure Chinese!! No doubt!*

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Since we were already in a temple, it wouldn't hurt to do some palm reading or anything similar to have a rough idea on what's going to happen in future, right?! Hehe. Too bad, we only found those where requires us to hold a bunch of sticks with numbers, ask the question you want to know the answer to in your heart and let go of the sticks when you're done. You then look for the sticks that stands out most (as in positioned higher than the others) and read the number on it. Next, according to the number, you take the piece of paper that has written interpretations on it. Everyone asked a few questions, including YanIsFair and I. However, life is never fair! They got to know everything that we've asked just because we do not know how to read Chinese and needed them to translate it to us! Gggrrr... I so wanted to know what's the answer to M.C.Square's love life!!! o.O"

The guys

I only found out that now is not the right time for KungFuJeff to get involve in a relationship! :P And they were teasing YanIsFair and BatuBozhong that they just just go straight to where the registration for marriage can be done! Haha!

The girls

M.C.Square teased me for asking too many questions that day. He said I'm rather complex and greedy with my questions. >_<" Hmm... curious about my questions and answers?! Beg me! But still, I wouldn't tell :P

One of the many other photos we had :P

What else to do in a temple? Well, nothing! So we camwhored! *Sue me!* :P And the award for Camwhore King goes to..... BatuBozhong!!! He ran up all the way to the highest floor and posed under the hot sun! Faint* "Left, left.. Right a bit lar! Eh, left. Eh, right!" KungFuJeff and M.C.Square were shouting to BatuBozhong. They purposely want him to stand there longer! *Evil* He obeyed!! Poser! :P

I am the King!!! Dream on lar yea! Hehe

Some guys just hope that they were born as girls instead. *Shakes head*

Look at the handbag and the glasses... Adui.......

Fully utilised all the accessories available that day. We are vain, so what?! :P

Cap an glasses provided by YanIsFair

I love these!

BatuHL trying out her camera.....

After lunch, we went to Mid Valley hoping to catch a movie but the queue were horrifying! We ended up in shopping for guys' clothes and lepak-ing in StarBucks. It was a tiring but a happy day, I must say.

TopMan model search. He was wearing a brown quarter pants! LOL!


cathy said...

nice camwhoring moments lolz. happy chinese new year sisterette! mwah!

Adrian said...

pretty interesting for a "temple trip"

Nux V said...

huh??? u guys photo shoot at temple? cool...

blurryhunniee said...

Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!!

I was lovin' it! Hehe..

nux v
Yeap. Yeap. Totally cool! ;)