Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Doctors Came Back!

RavinBoy and KopiGopi came back for holidays!! YAY!! The future doctors supposed to bring me to visit the new wing of Sunway Pyramid *outdated! Haha..very far from my house ler!* but ended up in Mid Valley and The Gardens.

They accused me for not asking YanIsFair to come along. The truth is they find her house too far and they were as lazy as a pig to drive all the way there! Ggrrrr.... You guys better keep your promise, else YanIsFair is going to kick your arses off when she see you guys! :P *Got to know that RavinBoy went back Terengganu for his training.. You watch out, boy! Haha*

Obviously I was not as important as KopiGopi's new found interest *a girl, Duh!*. We were basically hunting for the suitable present for her birthday. The victim- ME of course! I tried on so many shoes! Nike, Puma, Adidas.. you name it! Those meant for females and also those made for MALES! They forced me to take pictures wearing those!! People were staring at us -_-" *shakes head*

Size 11 male sneakers.. Sigh..

From top (clockwise): Me, RavinBoy, KopiGopi

Can't wait for Chinese New Year to come! That's when RavinBoy will be back again! Woohoo!!

KopiGopi can't resist to torture me... A candid shot!

Hmm.. did I change that much since Form 5? KopiGopi's mom couldn't recognise me anymore =S


vickie said...

huh NIKE reflectiVE

usws said...

At least it wasn't like my case where i got dragged by a group of girls to go shopping. They made me test dressed! The horror! The humiliation!

LOL! Don't worry, there's nothing much to see at Pyramid's new wing anyway. Doesn't even look like a pyramid anymore, now they're using Arabic themes.

My classmates couldn't even recognise me during our reunion. They thought i was someone's outsider boyfriend or something. My crappy voice gave me away. Haha..


p.s. I can't wait for CNY too!

blurryhunniee said...


I feel so much better now! Haha. Do you have any pictures of you in a dress? Mind sharing? Hehe.. So sporting of you. Can't imagine you were willing to wear a dress. KEke...Ok ok..I can't stop laughing! Hehe... Sorry >_<