Saturday, 12 January 2008

Missing Dog.. I Miss MugMug So So Much!! =(

MugMug has been missing for 3 days.. in Kepong Baru.. Still hoping she'd come home.. Everyone is worried sick..
She's not in MPS. She's not in SPCA =(


Siew Wan Siong said...

You know, very so often i always wonder if i should end my life and get reborn as a dog.
Coz i always see girl treat their dogs better than their BF.

Li said...

Haha. Maybe cause dogs more guai. :)

I know how u feel about MugMug. I had a cat who disappeared too & I never found him.

Not to worry tho, I had another cat who also disappeared but she reappeared say a few days later.

Maybe you'll get MugMug back soon.

blurryhunniee said...

siew wan siong
That is because dogs are much more adorable! And dogs do not lie, or talk crap at the wrong time, or just do whatever there is that can be done to hurt its owner. Dogs are obedient, loyal and they are able to make you feel so safe just by having them by your side.

Maybe you should really consider to reborn as a dog eh ? ;P

Haha. So true!! :P

Hmm, I think think MugMug will ever come back. Tomorrow will official be one week since she has gone missing :(

amei79 said...

hmm...impossible dog cant find the way back home...u lost it near by ur house area?

blurryhunniee said...

I don't know :,(

I woke up and I was told that she couldn't be found since morning.. So I'm sure she got lost around my house area..

Like always she loves to go out and wander around the neigbourhood. But she never goes out before breakfast :(