Tuesday, 1 January 2008

If You're In My Shoes, Would You Quit College?

First week of the new semester, there were already tears in my eyes. Stress? That must be it! I couldn't find any better answer to that. As I listen to the first ever lecture of the brand new subject in this semester, I found that I am the only one who couldn't understand what was being taught at all! I thought to myself, "She must be speaking some foreign language unknown to me!" But others don't seem to have any problem with the subject. So I conclude, I am stupid! Anyhow, I managed to hold my tears back and save myself from the embarrassment.

Things didn't go my way. We initially planned to ignore the core papers which we just sat for last semester first *Yes, we already know we failed from the way we attempt the paper*, and take the optional papers that we are studying this semester externally. We would then take outside tuition in other institution to make sure we could pass the papers in one seating. However, our hope crashed just like that when we found out that we could only sit for the optional after we have passed the core papers. How could anyone concentrate so many papers when there are already 2 extra subjects and assignments, which accumulate to 4 subjects this semester, not to mention if we were to reseat the "confirmed" fail papers!

After days of calling everyone that could supply us with suggestions and alternatives and seeking help from the programme supervisor, we came to a very brave decision. There were limited alternatives. I could stay and continue in the college and try to pass my internal as well as external. Both internally and externally are different subjects, which mean less time to concentrate for each subject, more time consuming doing the assignments and less possibility to pass! Or, I could quit or hopefully defer my studies for a year and use the one year to take as many external papers as possible with the outside tuition as guidance.

Hmm.. Note that I am already in my second year, last semester in Advanced Diploma. If I take the first option, I might need 2 years or more to get my Advanced Diploma cert. The second option on the other hand needs 1 year or more to get my ACCA cert.

So my final call is to quit or defer my Advanced Diploma, and concentrate fully on my external papers. I am making one of the biggest decisions in my life. With what I've chose, I might end up giving up the chance to get an Advanced Diploma cert and if I fail my external papers, I will end up getting nothing but more reseats, and a very late cert. Sigh... The waste of time and money both ways...


3POINT8 said...

Depends whether if your college is a well known college. If its not that well known, better focus on ACCA...
Or y not seek the college counselor for advice?

btw, Nanged!

Freethinker said...

both has its calculated risk. Just think properly on which is the highly likelyhood of proceeding your dream.


Charlie said...

hey gurl,

the first step is always the hardest. i remember back in my uni days when i first step into the class room. i was given examption for year 1, so i go straight into year 2. the first month was hell as i do not know what the lecturer was talking. to make matter worse, all my peers in the class has been there since year 1, so they seem to got the hang of it. at that time, the thought of what if i fail was away on my mind. anyhow i managed to finish it and i a list of big companies coming to me with jobs offer. i've work with one and move on to another. I will be starting my masters in a few months time.

so my advise to you if, hang on tight, cause good things dont come in easy. you will enjoy the fruit of your hard work later in life. if you need someone to talk to, you could always find me or a counselor.

cheers and best of luck

Netster said...


I think i have to agree with Charlie on the "first step is always the hardest"

You need to give it a time. Make your decision wisely with enough time to think through.


Cometh said...

If you want to go for auditor/accountant career and the diploma been giving you hell then why not just focus on the ACCA qualification and start working...

From what I know, you start as an auditor, work for few years then up to you whether you want to become accountant or not... (I might be wrong, =p)

Experience is important here... So no need to waste time... =p

Ultimately, still up to you...

Ulat said...

you seems to be confused, calm yourself down, k?

Now, sort out your choices, together with the advantages & disadvantages on a piece of paper. Then, compare both of them. If it's beyond your ability, then go for the more important task and drop the other, if you can still cope with it, then go for both of them.
You're much more luckier than me, I'm from a family that can be considered quite rich in a small town, and I wanted to persue my dream of studying Law, but I wasn't granted the chance, now I'm stuck in this damm small town, working for my family. My father would rather gave that RM300K to charity than to let me go on with my studies.
So don't give up any chance that you can get education. Though they are sometimes really stressful, or even frustrating, but do your best, choose the right path. How I wish I can hv the chance. All the best to you.

Canny Har™ said...

My friend, I totally understand how u feel..coz i'd encountered the same prob in my diploma yr(u know it)..thats why I switched course..

During that period,it was hard for me coz I received many bad comments fr family, relatives, friends,ppl saying that i've wasted money, waste 2 yrs n all.. but at least, i took the first step to choose what I actually like. I never regret..

So as u my dear. Its not abt how long wil u graduate that matters. Or which is better or whatsoever. BOth the Internal and external has its own good. U should ask urself. Which one can u cope with the more? Your plan if u choose internal/external? Work and continue to take external paper?And your personal ambition. Accountant? Auditors? :-) tough yea.. i know u can do it..its not easy but u can OVERCOME it :->

*btw, u are cool enough to tahan till this stage.. (look at me. an example of the failure) Lol! ;-) Be proud of yourself, build your confidence and fight again!