Monday, 21 January 2008

Short Hair, Do You Like It?

I had my hair cut by a professional! What's so great about professional hairstylist/hairdresser *I don't know what's the difference between those two. Hehe*? I don't know, I really don't. They tend to be stubborn and treat your hair as though it's their own!

No matter what and how you tell them how you how you want your hair to be, they never listen! They do what they want with their scissors! There's nothing much you can do. You don't dare to scream or yell because you will be dead scared that they will take revenge by chopping off all your hair. That's what happened to me!! Aaarrgghhh.... *sigh... I'm only able to scream here*

My hair was cut by Lawrence, the Artistic Director of the saloon in Metroprima, Kepong. At first I told him I wanted a bob haircut. So I wanted to rebond only the tip of my hair, hoping that it won't turn flat and I insisted to cut the back of it short! But he refused to cut it the length that I wanted. "I think like this is nice. If you don't like it only come back then I cut for you ok?" That's what he told me. So what happened after that? Take a look at the photos... *Ignore the pale face. I was unwell at that time*

He cut my fringe so short that I wanted to cry!!! Sobs... I don't want bangs!

It didn't get better even after the fringe parting...SIGH

I get so many negative comments! Someone said I look like a 10 years old kid! Someone even said that it's UGLY! *I was cursing you in my heart! :P*

So, I did go back to get him cut the back of my hair short... Just the way I wanted.. Although it didn't turn out EXACTLY the way I wanted. *Heck, I have no idea how to beautify it already!* It is acceptable, and I grew to love it now! :) Presenting to you my new haircut.... *clap*clap*

Side view

Back view

Front view... Not too front though.. Hehe..

My favourite!!

At last, some good comments came in after the second visit to the saloon. The first was from UncleJohnny who saw me in the car! Haha.. Thanks, man! *P.S: I want the Mickey pillow wey!!*

Will I go to the same saloon again? Hmm.. maybe, just maybe if I want to cut it short again..

Bluek* Criticise me and I'll spit on you! :P

SlowCatchUpKuan said that I look nicer with short hair in real life but in photos, long hair is nicer. Now, I'm thinking to keep my hair short or just let it grow long in future. Which yea?? *Dilemma*


Canny Har™ said...

hey the first pic nice.. maintain that hairstyle... you may feel not biasa with new hairstyle but soon u wil biasa d 1.. ;-) nice hairstyle!

mellowed blues said...

I think its cute.

usws said...

OMG, same thing happened to me.. those "artistic" people keep wanting to do it their way. I think they don't actually know what you would look nice in, all ikut theory only. OR, this fellow wanted to give you a very typically Chinese haircut with the fringe meant to be let down. *shudders* But it wasn't all too bad lah..

The second one is definitely nice though.. and did you dye your hair blue (looks blue in the light)? Cause if you did, OMG.. NICE! Continue styling it to the side like that, not sure if others like it, but i do! Haha...


blurryhunniee said...

I prefer the second haircut ler. Hehe. I like my hair short!! :)
But the next haircut, I still can't decide.. Long or short? What you think eh?

mellowed blue
Thanks for the compliment! :) But if it's cute as in 10 years old kid kind of cute... I'm speechless! Haha

Yeah! And they make you so so frustrated right?! Every professionals like to give the Chinese fringe! Never works for my face at all. Sigh..

And their theory is "you gotta follow the trend! doesn't matter at all if it suits your face or not!"
Damn! I get so pissed when I get bad haircuts!#@%$%#$ :P

NAh, I didn't dye my hair. It's like that all the while. It's black, I think. Hehe. Natural colour.

Anyways, I really love my hair now! :D

Adrian said...

well, the 2nd 1 is definitely better...
so, since it is the "Artistic Director" of the saloon had the haircut for u, then the charge izzit higher than normal ??

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

I miss your 'mushroom' hairstyle!
HappyBirthday orrh!
Hv fun for this year~

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

Nux V said...

cute hairstyle! it makes u look younger!

Anonymous said...

your new hairstyle makes you look younger... anyway, as long as you are pleased(satisfy) with the new hairstyle, it should be fine.

for my opinion, i think hairstyles should be suit with your face/look, instead of the trend.

chinese new year's coming soon... new year, new hairstyle. hehe..

blurryhunniee said...

Er, I suppose it's much expensive. I didn't really asked the price for senior or junior cut =X My mistake. Hehe.

Thanks man! I miss my mushroom head too. Hehe.. Oh yea, what's with the bahasa asing? You ah.. Nama tukar.. Bahasa pun tukar? :P

nux v
Younger is good! But 10 years old kid?..Ekk...I don't know.. Don't you think it's a lil too young looking? Haha

Long time no see!

I'm loving my hair now :D

I totally agree that hairstyle should suits the face rather than following the trend. But not all understand that. That makes the process of getting a new haircut so scary.

Happy CNY to you! :)