Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Edy Will Be Coming To KL

Edy will be coming back to KL!!! *Yay* When?? Er, I don't know. But he said it will definitely going to be this year. He will drop by KL for a few days then head up to Thailand for his holiday. And to visit Zak I presume? Anyhow, I'm glad you're coming back here first! :)

One of the best pictures I could find =X All also very good looking alright, but the problem is they are not very photogenic :P

Richard, Suherry, Edy

Ahhhh.... I envy you, Edy! He works for his dad and so he can take a long break off work whenever he wants! That's what he said, at least. He is one of the not so many people that I know who enjoys working more than studying. I think I would too if my dad is some stainless steels supplier in Jakarta! *Hmmmpphh* I wanna work for your dad too lar. Can I get as much privileges as you? *flashing big big goo goo eyes*

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