Friday, 18 April 2008

The Gardens And The Rat

There was a big rat in The Gardens! Running freely as though that's its home and we were the intruders -_-"

How could that be, right? The Gardens is like all new and clean *looks clean though* but to our surprise the mall is also a home to such creatures. I bet there's more than one!

I don't know about my companion of the night, but I was dumbfounded when my eyes caught the rat running inside the mall. Looks like they only keep the mall as clean as what our eyes could see. Luckily it wasn't too near to me, else I'd jump or scream or cry... ugh, God knows what I'd do. All I know is, I would surely end up in embarrassment!

Sir BabyPanda canceled tomorrow's plan :( So no breakfast, no movie, no seeing you before you leave. Yeap, he's off to U.K already by tomorrow night. *Boohoo* It's never fun to see anyone close to fly off far far away *although it has been Again and Again for him -_-" * *sniffles*


Simon Seow said...

There's so many restaurants and eateries there, it's hard not to have rats.

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
Yea, I know. But I just don't expect to see one running outside the kitchen area. Especially not where shoppers are loitering at.