Friday, 25 April 2008

Sexy Legs With Some Colours

Remember the bruises I mentioned in the . Heartbeat. post? Let's have a look at how it looks like. Er, no sexy legs for you guys to see though. I'm born with fat thighs! Haha. That's my excuse for being fat :P

I can feel the pain :,(

My left thigh.... Ouch!

The picture above is kind of too bright. So, you can't really see the real colour. Here goes another one in another lighting.

Can see now?

Up close and personal -_-

Let's give my right sexy thigh a chance now! :P *Damn perasan!*

Not as bad as the left... I should be happy. Haha

This should be much clearer


BeverLy's Secret said...

What's wrong!!??

Johnny Ong said...

now its a sexy little bit blue black fatty thigh/leg????

u better take care, my dear

blurryhunniee said...

beverly's secret
Let's just say I was clumsy @_@

johnny ong
sobs* Why must you be so honest? Must you restate what I've stated -fat thighs?... I cry!!! :P

Johnny Ong said...

oooooops.... pressed wrong button

Simon Seow said...

Put some tit da chou.

blurryhunniee said...

johnny ong
you broke my heart dy! :,(

simon seow
I didn't put.. but it turned out fine wo.. I scared put then it will turn and stays yellowish =X

Netster said...

that's definitely sexy :)


Mayur said...

hmm .. it calls ''beauty marks'' .. this is SEXY legs..attrects a real macho..