Monday, 7 April 2008

Not Short Lah... Not Tall Only

SlowCatchUpKuan and I: Maaa.... you want to climb over??
SlowCatchUpKuan: Yalar. Haha.
Me: Uhhhh....
SlowCathUpKuan: What's wrong?
Me: My legs are short. Terkena the side. Hehe. Difficult to cross over. Haha.
SlowCatchUpKuan: Huh?! How come? I thought you are taller than mom!

After comparing me to my mom.

SlowCatchUpKuan: Wah! Really shorter leh. So short!
Me: Woi. You kutuk mummy ah! I tell her you say she short!
SlowCatchUpKuan: What?! Really ma. I always thinks mom very kecil molek. Mana tau, you even shorter!!! Hahahahahaha......
Me: -_-" Teruk betul!

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