Monday, 28 April 2008

WaMu - Saving Services

Save for emergencies! Don't you think that's the wise thing to do? I'm not asking to save all the money that you've got. I'm sure many of you are making more money by investing it to shares or investment properties. However, you could also save some at the same time. You could benefit from it when there's any 'just in case' matter that happens in future.

Therefore, it is best to encourage your children to save since young. WaMu is the thing for you if you are interested in not only opening Savings Accounts but also many other saving services. Some of the services that are obtainable in WaMu are Online Savings, Statement Savings, Traditional Certificates of Deposit (CD), Online CD and Liquid CD.

If online savings is what you are looking for, then the one WaMu is offering might interest you. With just $1.00, you can already start and apply in about 7 minutes. You can also make use of their ATM services that is available. Things would be so much convenient now with their online management with electronic statements and Personal Online Banking.

Besides all these, you can also apply for loans from WaMu. If you plan to buy a house, then you can browse through the website as you'd be surprised with the selections of loans available for you to choose from that could possibly better than the competitors.

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