Monday, 28 April 2008

I'm Lovin' Pull and Bear!

I did not study much yesterday or today! *actually for every single day :( * Instead I went shopping at One U! With an empty wallet, that is. Sigh*

I'm doomed! My wallet will never be full anymore. Kobe's health is not that great, so frequent visits to the vet will only make my wallet bleed. And Kobe needs to be spayed soon. With her weight *12.5kg*, I think will need to fork out another RM250+ *can you hear me cry already?!*. Dog biscuits have just finished! *ka-ching* Did you hear that?? RM100+ flying away!! The expenses for the pets are endless.

Brokeville welcomes me very often. My skincare products are finishing too. I desperately need to make a purchase real soon. I had my eyes on Kose range at first but looks like I've got to throw that thought away. My handphone has gone cuckoo too! May she rest in peace. Add another item in my long list! With all these expenses/debts/accruals, how could I afford to shop? *I so wanna cry dy!*

I have a serious confession to make. Here goes my confession. I love Pull and Bear!!!!!! There's something I tried on today that I really like. Oh wait, not like. But LOVE!!! Despite all the harsh effort of talking me out of wanting to buy it *you know who you are*, I am still thinking about it. So tempted. Even SlowCatchUpKuan said it looks nice on me, k! I need instant cash! :( Any volunteers/sponsors out there?


cbenc12 said...

wat is pull n bear?
put pic here?

wenzi said...

yea meh lei ka?

Kobe new fren?

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Shoppinh pulak!
Not scare for the exam? =S

blurryhunniee said...

New brand from Spain! :D Well, not exactly new. It has opened for a few months already.

Kobe is my puppy lar! Grrrr*

Scared scared leh! Tough! But, seriously can't resist =X