Saturday, 12 April 2008

It, Miss Bossy Queen, Bitch!

I like the "Dear Miss Bossy Queen" by SlowCatchUpKuan. I totally understand how you feel. That's because I was and am still one of the victim/person involved. If you don't already know, It that I mentioned in my previous post "It, who steals" and "It, steals again!!!!" and the Miss Bossy Queen is the same person, if you would call that a person lar =X Here's another dedication to It.

Not talking to her has been part of how our lives go. It's not easy if anyone were to force us to talk to each other once again coz we have been too used to not talking to each other. It would crack my dear head to think of something, anything to talk to her about. Me no like seeing you everyday walking around the house fashion showing all your expensive new dresses like some sick person just came out from Tanjung Rambutan alright?! Nobody do ironing wearing what they wore to go out, especially if you're wearing a silky dress. How selfish of you to only iron clothes that belongs to you when others need to wash your clothes as well once in a while. Plus, mom does all the washing and ironing considered every time. Is it so difficult for you to iron additional 4 to 5 clothes? I'm sorry that you're not matured enough to think straight.

How old are you already? Can't you see or understand or feel what our family has been through. You know what they say, you are what you've been through/experienced. Even the youngest in the family know how we've been able to pull it through the hard times when we barely can afford to continue our studies. We know how much mom have contributed to this family. We can see how much suffering she has been through. Being the daughters, we know deep in our hearts that we must repay what she has done for us. It's not only something we need to do, but it's also something we want to do! "Do you know how hard it is to take public transport?! You should try taking it more often. Then maybe you know how hard!" Treating her like your slave is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! I'm sorry if you're too blind to see what all of us can see.

I'm very much disgusted by your acting. I don't see the reason for you to put up a show to make your colleagues think that you're such a good daughter, when you're obviously not! What's with the call from your office asking both parents to make passport coz you want to bring them travel when you have no intention at all? You make both mom and dad get all excited about it and then disappoint them? You play good daughter in front of dad and leave mom out?! I don't see the rational in this. You don't take responsibility for the show you've put on and leave it to those of us who are not too capable to bare it?! You're the one who made the call. You're the one who is earning big bucks. And now the ones who are still studying and not earning as much have to bare the cost?! I don't mind, really. Coz they are my parents. I'm just so sorry that you're born a bitch!

Now, that's how I end up making my own passport as well today.


Anonymous said...

i know how to prevent stealing: "put your important things in your room & lock it when you're away."
but i hate this so much & i'm sick of it. where got people lock their room in their own house geh?

blurryhunniee said...

That's why lar! It's so troublesome when you need to do such things at home! It's not like I'm in another person's house or what! Damn!