Tuesday, 1 April 2008

My Aainaa Is The Best Aina!

Happy Birthday, Aainaa!!! and Happy April Fools' Day! *special betul bday kawan aku ni, same day as April Fools' Day lar. Ahaks*

May you have another sweet 22 and more years to come! So sorry for not being able to be with for you on this year's and previous birthdays. Hope you know how much you and our friendship means to me despite not being able to be with you all the time.

Rindu sangat sangat masa kita lepak sesama! Miss each and everyone of you so so much! Beyond words and beyond imagination lar, sayang. Let's meet up when you're free alright?!

Love you so damn bloody much!

Sending loads of hugs and kisses in the air. I hope you could feel it :D



Simon Seow said...

Your bio clock really kong liao.

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
I can't deny that -_-