Tuesday, 22 April 2008

M.C.Square The Sex Tutor

Sex Education with M.C.Square before Corporate Accounting class!

Me: Why are you sitting here?! (directing that to M.C.Square as he was sitting at my usual place)
M.C.Square: Shhh... I tell you something. Jessica is pregnant! *whispering to my ears*
Me: Huh? Hahahaha! Ok. Ok. But why are you sitting here?!
BadBoyVincent: What are you guys laughing at?
M.C.Square: He asked me to sit here lar! Not my fault. (Ignoring BadBoyVincent) Faster congrats people lar.
Me: Ok. Congrats Vincent. Hehe.
M.C.Square: Congrats la. Become father already. So happy.
BadBoyVincent: Hehe. (I bet he's happy to hear that! :P)
Me: Where's Jess? So late wan.
M.C.Square: See lar. Asked you not to save few Ringgit wan ler. You spend few Ringgit for precaution, now no need to worry lor. Wife pregnant already, you happily sit here. Also don't know what happened to her!
BadBoyVincent: What~~???!!!!
Me: How many months already eh? How long it takes to realize she's pregnant? Hehe.
M.C.Square: 2 months lar! You know when her period doesn't come that month then must buy the batang (pregnancy test sticks) to check. Then the batang will have blue and red. Blue means safe. Red means die!
BadBoyVincent: Wah. How you know all these?
Me: Her sister gave birth to a baby already. That's why he knows.
M.C.Square: Eh... (slightly offended) I don't ask my sis all these details k! I just know! (continue) Then the batang got alarm. If it's red, then the alarm will be set off!!
BadBoyVincent and I: Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaaha........................................... Crazy!
M.C.Square: Eh, you don't laugh at people. Later your turn, with the Indian guy in the class! Better than you go "play" with Kobe and give birth to something else!
Me: Eeeuuuwwwwww.... What Indian guy?! I don't "play" with Kobe alright?! -_-

Just as I said that, the Indian technician with a tummy as big as the tummy of a lady pregnant with a few months old baby came in. We looked. We blinked. We laughed our arses off!!! Jinxed*


wenzi said...

swt.. u always remember conversation or u write it down?

Simon Seow said...

I have to see the picture of the Indian technician to laugh.

blurryhunniee said...

LOL...nah, some parts i remember exactly what have been said. Some is just agak agak about the same ler :P

simon seow
I'll try to capture. But phone no camera la, bang. Phone rosak. Aku sangat miskin. Hehe.. Will try la