Monday, 21 April 2008

. Hearbeat .

Yesterday afternoon, as I was walking to Jusco to meet up with mom and sisters, my heart was beating super fast. Almost double or maybe triple times than my normal heartbeat. I was sweating, my body was oh-so-warm and my head was spinning. A girl asked, "Are you OK? Did you drive here? Do you want to have a sit and rest first?" Apparently the flush of red on my cheeks was too obvious to be ignored. Being a hero again, I rejected her offer and slowly made my way there, crossing the roads and all. Luckily I had mints in my bag. That made everything better! Not good, but better. Phew*

When night falls, headache hit my head hard! But the more I force myself to sleep, the harder it was to fall asleep. I had a sudden urge then to SMS someone. Anyone! You know how it's like when you just feel like sending out an SMS to someone for no reason at all. Anyone will do. Just as long as you get a reply in return? Just to talk/chat. But the thing was I couldn't think of anyone to text as the clock already flashes time passed 12 midnight and everyone would have been asleep by then. I end up sending it to M.C.Square. After all he IS a 'night ghost' like me. Thanks for the entertainment (:

Let's end this post with a conclusion. It was a bad day! :( PMS sucks! I'm lucky I did not faint in the middle of the road. Did I mention I found a few big blue-black bruises on both my thighs?! *Sobs*


Johnny Ong said...

blue black? wah..... u must have cubit yr ownself without u realising ?????? hehehe

blurryhunniee said...

johnny ong
You might as well said got ghost cubit me while I sleep??? :P