Monday, 24 March 2008

That Looney Spinster Is A Pest!

A conversation I overheard some time ago when I was bathing. It was between the two of my agony aunts. And NO! I DID NOT eavesdrop! The bathroom was as big as it is, where else can I hide, right?! If you don't want to be heard then talk elsewhere, somewhere private! Oh wait, there isn't any private place around this house, is there?!

Agony Aunt #1: Look. I bought something new to catch cockroaches! (talked very excitedly in her usual annoying voice)
Agony Aunt #2: Oooo... So it doesn't kill the cockroaches? Then no use lar.
Agony Aunt #1: Of course not! Animal lovers don't kill them k! I am an animal lover!
Agony Aunt #2: What?! Then catch for what?
Agony Aunt #1: I'm going to set them free in some jungle! There's one like a jungle next to my office. I'd let them free there!

-_-" I almost fainted in the bathroom listening to the conversation. Agony Aunt #1 has always been a pain in the ass for as long as I know her (which is since birth), so I was not surprised at all to hear her say that. The only thing I can say is- her screw up there was never tight! Pardon me about the name "Agony Aunt". I'd think of something more suitable to her in near future. It's beyond words how much mental and emotional torturing she has put onto my family. It is not easy to find a word or a name strong enough to describe her!

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Simon Seow said...

Hope your aunts agony doesn't read your blog. Don't know what they might do.