Saturday, 1 March 2008

The One In A Million

The winner for the second season of One In A Million is.....AYU!!!! Yay!! *clap*clap* My vote was not wasted! *I voted, so what?! :P*

My all time favourite singer in the competition. She has a great and powerful voice and she has the skills to control it! Not only does her singing give me goosebumps in almost every episodes that I've watched, I love her personality as well! :) She's humble and she's real! *unlike the other finalist! :P* Just like what Paul said, you can really feel how real she is even through her singing.

If not mistaken Ayu said something about her wanting to prove to the world that although she's not pretty, she CAN SING! She is no ugly duckling there. Her bubbly personality shines and I find her kinda cute. Hehe.

Well done, girl! Continue to sing your heart out......... ;)

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