Sunday, 9 March 2008

I Hope Cotton Is In Good Hands

SlowCatchUpKuan has already updated on this in The Day Cotton Found a Home post. *I'm forever outdated wan lar.. Haha*

Yeap, finally Cotton found a home! In Subang Jaya. So far from our house! :( Hope she's in good hands. Look at the sad look on her face. Heartbreaking~

Bye Bye Cotton :'(

Cotton was not the only one who has a sad look on her face. You should see SlowCatchUpKuan and KidCheng , they were crying! Looks like I'm the strongest among us, eh? :P


Simon Seow said...

You're so cold. I will cry too seeing that sad face. T_T

Imagica Chan said...

i am sure cotton will be in good hands