Monday, 3 March 2008

LifeLock Promotion Code RD 32

"Hi, I'm Lap Sap Tung from the New Valley."
"Hi, I'm Lap Sap Tung from New Valley too!"
"No! I'm the real Lap Sap Tung!"
"No, you're not! I am the real one!"

What comes in your mind if you happen to meet two persons who have the same name, same address, and basically they have the same legal details about themselves? Two persons with the same single identity! One of the possibilities is that an identity theft had happened!

Identity theft doesn't only happen to famous people. It doesn't only happen in rich countries. Identity theft can happen anywhere to anybody. You might think that you are insignificant and who in the world would steal your identity. But do think twice, because those who steal identity do not really care who they steal from. There is a high chance of them using the identity to commit fraud or any other crimes. Now, you see the danger of identity theft.

We are lucky that there is now a protection against such mishap happening to us. LifeLock is the industry leader in Identity Theft Prevention. They are offering a discount for their customers. By using the promotion code RD 32, you are able to get 30 days free and an exclusive discount!

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