Saturday, 29 March 2008

Pick-up Line?

My date with SLK went well the other day :D I never complained going out with her. What is there to complain when you're out with a good companion?! OK, I'm not being completely honest here*blush*. I did feel reluctant to take the KTM to Mid Valley. Hehe. Nevermind about that, the important thing is I always end up taking it no matter how unsafe I felt walking behind those alleys in order to get the nearest station. That's the only I can get there nowadays. I do not have a car and I can't drive, plus I have no sense of direction. I have driving license though :P

Some guy approached us as we were walking in the mall and said to me, "Hey, you look familiar. I must have seen you somewhere!" No, he's not giving me his deadly lame pick-up lines. If it were, my advice is to make more effort in creating one. Being lame is alright, but let the effort be noticeable. How about "Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?" or "Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here." -_-

Let me give you guys some hints. He and his friends are all wearing similar black t-shirts, holding a bottle of something in his hands, and a few strips of white papers. Yes, he was working in Mid Valley on that particular day. Yes, he's a perfume promoter! That's the reason why I looked familiar to him on that day! He must be desperate for the commissions, hoping either SLK or I will buy from him. Perfume is not something you can force someone into buying. But he just couldn't understand when I told him I do not like how it smells on my skin! Hard-sell just won't do! He kept saying, "Have you heard of Burberry? You know the brand? Ever heard of it? Have you been to the shop?" Hello~~ It's Burberry! He must have thought I just came out from a jungle or something and am so jakun not to know the brand. Anyhow, the point is when I buy perfume, it's the smell of it that I like, that's the reason I'm buying it. I'm not going to buy it just because of the brand when I do not fancy the smell that much! I'm sure most consumers are like that as well. I would rather pay more to get something that I like than to buy one that I do not like even if it's at a cheaper price. It is also a NO-NO for a promoter to criticize perfumes of other brands. He picked on the wrong perfume to talk bad at! He picked at the wrong perfume! Do not criticize one of our favourite perfume, Delicious! Conclusion, no purchase was made! :P

Back to my date. The purpose we went to Mid Valley was to post things over to Charlene. But mission not accomplished as we can't find a perfect box to put the things in. Responsibility then passed to SLK to post it hopefully by Saturday. SLK loves to food. So as usual, we indulged in various foods. All we did was eat, eat and eat. Then shop, shop and shop! Hehe. Shopping makes us very happy little girls! We fell in love with so many heels, wedges, pumps and flip flops!! But due to the long list of other things that we need to buy and the limited ka-ching ($$) in our wallet, SLK only managed to get a pair of flip flops. So sad! I might go back for one of the heels soon. Give me some time to do my budgeting first. I shall post up my list then you'd know I'm in such dilemma. I favourite item on that day was the dress I tried on!! I love it so so much! But it's a bit pricey :( Will do an individual post about the dress when I get the pictures from SLK.

We decided to pamper ourselves with a healthy drink from JuiceWorks before heading home. We got to take a longer way to get to JuiceWorks to avoid from getting attacked by that bunch of promoters again! Hehe. It's all worth it! JuiceWorks, my favourite healthy fruity juice! *yummy*


Simon Seow said...

Maybe he's seen your blog before leh.

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
No lar... I know him wan

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very nice post!