Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Kobe Talks

Mom always talks to Kobe as though she is a real baby!

Me: Miii, if Kobe suddenly can talk and tell you "Yes mom, i love to chew on cloths!", how?
Mom: I straight away sew clothes for her and change her name to Cheong Cheong...
Me: Cheung Man Yuk?! (name of a famous Chinese actress)
Mom: Ahhh... Yes!! Cheung Man Yuk! Hahahahaha.........
Me: -_-"

Post on Kobe's sickness will be up soon.


Simon Seow said...

LOL. Your mum is so funny and sporting.

cbenc12 said...

now only i know u r slowcatchupkuan sis.. u look a bit like her too :D

blurryhunniee said...

She is! When she's in a good mood that is. Hehe

Wow.. Most of the people we know said we don't look alike at all.. You're the first who said that! :D