Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Music Or The Weather?

One day, you listen to a song of any kind, it doesn't matter what type of music, the language might even be foreign to you and you might not understand at all what the lyrics of the song is about. You can feel tears in your eyes or you're plainly holding back your tears. You know that if you let your emotions flow, you'd find yourself crying like a few months old baby hungry for some affection. That's a sign that you are not happy. Or, perhaps there is just something that is bothering you?

The reason could be as simple as not getting what you want for breakfast, not getting the chance to talk to your best friend for a very long time or it could be as big of a deal as losing someone dear to you. There's no existence of any rules that forbids anyone to feel such way in any circumstances. What is significant to one person might not be significant to others.

Could it be the weather playing tricks on us? The sky has been sobbing for days~

1 comment:

3POINT8 said...

must be the weather..
(if we can blame on something, why not?)