Friday, 21 March 2008

A Letter To Miss P

Dear Miss P,

Why oh why must you visit me every month? You were never and will never be the main character here! You're just an unwanted extra! Despite being unimportant, you forcefully pay me a visit rather early and left me almost only a week to rest each month.

You make me feel so tired! You make me eat so damn much! You make me bloat! I hate the water retention effect. You make me sleep so much! Worse still is, you make me head straight to the bed after each meal. And I feel so fat now due to your presence. Why can't you go bug others and leave me alone?

You gave me chest pain! Or rather breast pain! I can't run that much when you're around. I miss chasing Kobe around the house. I have always envied those with small breasts, but you give me a total opposite effect when you visit and the worse thing is you stay for such long duration. You even give so cramps! I would never thank you for this. Never!

I have a feeling that you're jealous of me. Whenever I'm feeling OK, you pull me straight down to negative-heart-tearing land. You play tricks with my emotions, feelings and mood. You make me feel as though I have been abandoned by certain friends. You make me feel that the boyfriend do not care as much anymore for no reason. You make me feel pissed and angry for God knows what reason. I can't seem to get myself to talk properly to him.

It is dreadful to have you around, Miss P! I hope I am given the choice to skip you and meet the main character directly. I assure you I'd live better without you! Please don't take over my life! I hate you! I really hate you, Miss PMS!!!!



Canny Har™ said...

U ok? Hmmm... calm down calm down...
So emotional 1 this post..
btw, I don like Miss P too.. coz of the stupid pimples..!!

Simon Seow said...

Well, if Miss P or Miss M don't visit at all, then you'll have a bigger problem.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! He! He! So this is what it is all about! Well from a guy point yes! So troublesome! But if gf 'aunty' didn't cum then we as bf will be worry sick! But if 'aunty' did cum...then 'bro' is force to take a 'holiday'!!!
Have a very nice day!

pamsong said...

Haha. I agree with Simon. If Miss P wasn't around, you'd be even more worried. =p

Cheer up, okay? A week to rest is quite little but.. it isn't the end of the world. One thing though, you may wanna check if you've gotten any of the side effects of long menses (i.e. anemia, etc...). Always good to know, eh? =)

Aronil said...

lol that time of the moment when "The French Lady" pays her visit eh :P

blurryhunniee said...

Yeah, I'm still very much alive. Just hate the ever so torturing symptoms.. Sigh~ Apparently, I never get that much of a pimples =S

Simone Seow
LOL... Miss M missed her visits a few times already. Miss M loves the guessing game. She makes me guess when will she make her visit due to the inconsistency in visiting.

hor ny ang moh
LOL... Looks like you're the one who has a big problem with the aunty instead of your gf eh? :P

I've always wanted to go for a check. But when Miss M finally comes, I'd just drop the idea to visit the gynae.

Yeap.. :(
She's more like is a b***h to me! :P

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