Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sexy Allergy And Love Bite

I'm prone to getting all types of sickness and diseases! Fever is exceptional though. I usually will only get serious fever once a year. As for those not-so-serious type where it comes and go, it does come once in a while.

I was once admitted to the hospital for dengue. I do not like hospital at all! All hospitals are haunted! At least that's what I think it is. Besides that, there have been so many problems with my teeth since young due to the weak foundation. Don't ever think that I'm already used to visiting the dentist. It still scares me. The sharp sound from the sharp thing (whatever it's called) when they do the fillings, the smell of the medicines, the cold feeling that the dental clinic gives is enough to make my hair stand! Oh yea, I'm soon to achieve having a million dollar smile! A million dollar WORTH of smile :D*

Did I mention I'm experiencing joint pains on the knee at such young age?! *Cry*

What's next? Hmm... I'm the queen of allergies in the house. My skin is ultra sensitive especially to products. I get all sorts of allergies. Itchiness is one of the things that I cannot accept. Allergies lead to so many other consequences. You itch, you scratch, sometimes till you bleed, you have scars, you get sleepless nights which then leave you two dark circles circling your eyes!

Some of the causes of allergies I've experienced could not be identified even by the doctors. I've tried several products on my face and body, which causes redness and itchiness altogether. That includes SK II *stupid hor... expensive things also cannot use!* So, the process of getting new range of skincare always gives me a headache.

A glimpse of what I'm having

As for the latest allergy, it's the lower part of the lips to the neck. I couldn't control my hands from scratching. So now I end up getting a love-bite look-alike at the neck! Such sexy area/spot for allergy to occur! >_<

The so-called love bite mark is not as obvious as this lar!

But that didn't stop me from going out to Mid Valley today! Hehe.. Updates on that as well as my crying session will be coming soon. As for the other sickness that I had and have, I'd post it up when I don't feel as lazy as I'm feeling now :P

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