Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Itch- The Multiplayer Game Site

BigJeff once sent me an online games website in case I get bored sitting at home. Most of the games were more suitable for young kids aged below 12. I was grateful though despite it being childish. Yes, I was childish! So?! I even get hooked on it for some time. Mostly because I did not have any initiative to explore what other games available on the internet.

I was not even exposed to those various multiplayer online games that everyone has been playing and battling together. Itch is a website that is worth visiting in order to play multiplayer online games such as strategy war games as well as racing games for free!

I may not be much of a strategist or do I have the skills to drive in reality, I guess it wouldn't hurt me to do it in the cyber world! I could imagine myself behind the wheels already!! Vvrroooomm........

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