Saturday, 7 June 2008

From Malaysia With Love

I know who does! Hehe. Although there are doubts at times, but deep down inside I know for sure that he do love me for real.

Spicy-B will be coming back in 2 days time! *Yippie!!!* Can't wait to see you, boy. Too bad my papers will be on the next day after you come back. So you get to enjoy life for extra 2 days without the need to layan me -_- I on the other hand, need to suffer. Sigh~

Long distance has really been a challenge to me. I never liked to idea of having such relationship as I do not have much faith in it. There has been too much arguments coz there are too many uncertainties, doubts, risks and so on. Sometimes it might feel like I get pissed for no reasons. But it's just the negative feelings that I get and sometimes I just don't feel right. I think it happens to all girls who are in a long distance relationship. You don't get to see your partner for such a long time, you don't get to talk to him that often anymore, he's experiencing new things in life without you, and you just do not get the chance to do what normal couples does together. So, anger does come automatically.

A friend told me that arguments are good as it strengthen relationships. But how true can it be? I really have no idea. It feels good that I tell you more things now. I do have problem telling people things. It has been hard, and I do take a long time to get used to things. But that's how I am. When I don't say things out, doesn't mean it's not there. When I don't tell you that I care, doesn't mean I don't care. I still have problem telling things out and making things clear till now. But I got improvement, right? I'm a slow learner, allow me to take my *cough* own sweet time.

You have been patient. You have been nice and all. But UK does change people! Hehe. I still like the boy I know before he got flew his ass far far away. That boy seems to be more patient than now. Who cares if you do not know how to play tennis?! :P Coz I don't play too. Hehe. I used to like tennis because of the attire but now, hmmm... I don't like lar boy! You spoiled it! Your fault!!!

You are one of the sweetest guys I know. I do appreciate every little thing you've done. I'm happy I got you. Excluding when you make me unhappy lar @_@ I do hope things work out well. I really can't wait to see you! Can't wait! Can't wait!

I only left this picture of you =S

Love + Hugs + Kisses,
Hun :D


pamsong said...

Aww, this is sweet. Long distance sucks when you're at it but if it does work out, you know you guys braved it and came out of it alive! Then there'd be a story for the grandkids for sure.

I disagree with your friend when it comes to the arguing part though. I don't think that it makes you stronger. It just tires both parties out. Not very healthy, too when you argue and can't see the other person's expression and body language. Sometimes, you tend to misunderstand each other and that eventually blows up into something totally ridiculous.

Anyhew, have fun while we're together. It's obvious you can't wait. And that's a good thing. =)

e s t a n c u s said...

aww.. what a sweet post for a sweet someone... hehehe!

blurryhunniee said...

Yeah, it sucks big time! If it didn't work out, I'm sure something ugly must have happened. A horrible fight/argument before it ends? Hmm, I don't think I would want to mention about it ever again then let alone to tell to my grandkids =S

I must say some arguments are good. Not to all, but to some at least. That friend of mine have friends like that, and they end up buying a house together and they are getting married soon. I agree with you that it's tiring. Hehe. One thing about long distance is that it's so frustrating when you don't know how it is like to be in another country and they expect you to understand everything. Misunderstanding definitely will happen, if not today, then one day to come.

I hope it's a good thing too =X

e s t a n c u s
*blush* :P

pamsong said...

That's very true. The problem with Long Distance break-ups is that the friendship usually doesn't survive the break-up. It's cos when you suddenly choose not to invest in a person – not to love a person – it's easy to "forget" that they exist if you're not in the same place. Plus, in most cases, right after a break-up you'd not be talking to each other much. Taking in the "cooling-off period". Problem again is that this cooling off period never ends for ppl in LDR cos you just end up not talking again after the break-up and both of you move on with your lives without the other having any part in it anymore.

And I still disagree on the arguments. You see, COMMUNICATION builds the relationship while arguments destroy all that you've put into getting to where you both are at. Disagreements are okay. NOT arguments. At least that's my take on the matter.

And yes, I know exactly what you mean when you say that your partner expects you to understand what it's like being somewhere else though you haven't been there before. It's frustrating as hell. Bleh.

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Wow..What a good debate here =)
Sounds interesting.=)

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

arguement is a good thing. If a couple cant even handle a high degree of arguement, they are definately not meant to be together =P (arguement happens because ppl cares) Of course too much is not good!!, that's why ppl learn from their mistakes and make things better by understanding and knowing each other better =)

There is no point if both parties are sweet till they get married. What happens if a serious arguement only happens after marriage? I wonder if they knows how to handle it. There is always a point where things are bad, better face it and solve it early than late. I dont think anyone is perfect from the start =)

Conclusion, It takes time and effort.

hannie said...

ya.. long distance sucks, but really if it works out.. it will worth it. I was in that and still am even after being a mom :D

blurryhunniee said...

Uh huh. Actually I wouldn't want to talk or even see the ex unless it's after a very very long period. Why would I want to hurt myself more when I'm supposed to be forgetting about him right? Then, if it takes too long, then I most probably be too used to not having him even as a friend already, then no point seeking back the friendship when it might only bring back bad memories. Maybe this way, I will be able to keep the good ones. Hmm, ok maybe not. Hehe. Some friendship are just not meant to be kept.

Hmmm, will update you if I can actually find a conclusion whether it's good or not. Hehe. You will know it if I happen to have "Single and Loving It" post in future. I think COMPATIBILITY plays a big role in a relationship. Both must have some similar interest or whatsoever.

Yea! It's like it's your fault if you don't understand. Yea, maybe it is our fault to not be rich enough to go there eh? LOL. I think things would be different if we are the ones who went off to somewhere else.

But what would you say if all the partner could think of is the people there and the place itself even when they are back here eh? Hmmm....

Wanna join? ;P Got new topic with my question at the top :)

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
We'll see about that.

It is better to know early and all. Why want to wait till marriage. Waste time, waste energy, waste effort, waste youth. Yea, and waste money when you get married then divorce.

Awwww.... Congrats to you that you guys survived! :P But it really sucks!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

That's why i said, better start dealing with things earlier than later.

No point keeping things to yourself or letting things be.

read properly lah*

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
I did agree with what you said. I don't know why you being harsh coz I did read properly lah*

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

sorry i didnt know i sound harsh, cough*

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
Never mind. Don't bother about it.