Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Woman, You Pay Me Back Is It??

KidCheng woke me up with a call this morning. Informing me that the woman in the School of Business Studies in my college, ex-college to be more accurate, told her that my ACCA examination docket has not arrived. According to that woman in charge *see, I'm so good. I don't state your name here while I bitch complaint about you* there are still some dockets not sent to them yet. When asked about roughly the date to collect it, my sister was told that they do not know because it is from U.K and not Malaysia. For God's sake, couldn't she come up with a more comforting and yet information-usable type of answer? My first paper will be on the 10th this month!!! Some of my friends are even sitting their first papers on the 5th, which is like, tomorrow??!! Today is already the 4th. How am I supposed to sit for exam without the dockets? Woman, are you going to pay me back the expensive fees? ACCA is a money-sucking association, that's what they are! ACCA, the major fault is on you. Receive money already never do your job properly. Very funny is it??? Talk about efficiency, you are nowhere near that alright?!

When I heard about all these, I was like $%%^(!@#*&^**!!! Fine, I'm lying. I was pissed and I almost cried. Such an unpleasant surprise :(

Luckily, later on found out that I could download the docket online *yay* and FairYan volunteered to print it out for me :) It must be the I'mWorriedAndI'mGoingToCryAnytimeSoon SMS that left her no choice but to help me :P Thanks, darl!

Disclaimer: I know it is my fault also for not collecting it earlier. But even if I do so there won't be any dockets there for me to collect, isn't it? -_-

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