Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Penang Trip [Part 1]

The tickets in my What's Next? post was actually very outdated tickets (the picture, not the post) to Penang. HungryJess, BadBoyVincent and I made a trip to Penang during Christmas season last year. Yes, LAST YEAR, that's how outdated the photos are. I'm not all to be blamed, alright. I just get the photos from HungryJess not long ago. So it's partly her fault also! :P Because of the timing and all, we were not affected by government's action to stop the Konsortium Bus operation. Duh!*

Since it has been so long ago, I'm lazy to blog about the details. So, let the photos talk instead. (I looked ugly in most of the photos. And I was so damn FAT! So not much to show also lar. Haha) Anyhow, will still try to write what I can eh :D

In the bus, on our way to Penang!!

One of the reason to go Penang was to accompany HungryJess to meet up with her future in-laws *cough* for the first time. First mission already accomplished when we step down from the bus. BBV's mom was already waiting for him while our driver cum tour guide Mr. Sin Hwa, HungryJess's cousin was still on-his-way, or so he said. So no choice but to have the meet and greet session with BBV's mom. One word- awkward! Hehe.

Our fist destination, The New World Park Hawker Centre. We were starving! OK, more like HungryJess was starving. Will blog about the food later on.

We embarrassed ourselves here on the first day -_-"

Hmm, I can't recall what we did exactly and which place we visited in order. So, just bear with my cincai travel blogging yea. It's never good to delay things. This is the consequences - cincai blogging and so not interesting. Forgotten all the funny things and funny jokes we made -_-"

Come, I bring you to Kek Lok Si Temple, one of the best known temple in the island. Most of the tourists were there to see the architecture and artwork on the temple. But people like us who do not have much appreciation on history did not enjoy much besides the cam-whoring moments. Hehe. I love the walking though. Ahhhh... the long walk all the way up to the temple. I felt as though 10 pounds of fats melted off my body after that! :D But got to accept the reality that I am still fat lar. -_-


The Kek Lok Si temple is situated in Air Hitam, a suburb of Georgetown. The temple was there in 1980 but don't worry about it falling apart when you're walking halfway uphill. The temple is nowhere near to the state to be called dilapidated. The construction to keep it "new" was still going on at some part of the temple the time when we visited.

This is only halfway. There's still a long way to go

HungryJess and I

I did not pay much attention at all every time Sin Hwa tells the history of Penang and the place that we visited. *yawn* Now I got to do my own research and read about it @_@

Talrijke Boeddha's met een svastika

The Kek Lok Si Temple was actually inspired by the chief monk of Goddess of Mercy Temple of Pitt Street. It has then become the largest and best known temple in Penang.

Mr. Tour Guide and HungryJess

After reading a whole lot about the temple, I decided not to bore you anymore. *Yalar, I didn't finish reading it :P* Let's just look at the photos. Most of the photos really tak boleh pakai! Sin Hwa, you are better of being a tour guide. Hehe. I blame you and nobody else, so?? :P

Nice :)

I think out of so many temples in Penang, this is the one that is well maintained. I was awed by the beauty of the architecture. *Don't be surprised alright?!* I love to be in the high rise, where I could literally see the whole Penang.


This looks even more gorgeous from this angle

Sure to make you feel like a King. Or, a Queen for me. I have breasts no doubts on my sexuality. Just look the view of my castle at the picture below. Hehe.

My kingdom :D


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Lolx.Really outdated. =S
Anyway, nice photos.
Especially the buddha =)

blurryhunniee said...

LOL. I still have other post on Penang. Lagi outdated when I really blog about it. And there's also the BBQ post.. kekeke.. I'm horrible..
Neways, the second last photo is my favorite :D