Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I embarrassed myself today! Accidentally sent an SMS to HungryJess's mom when I actually wanted to send to HungryJess instead T__T Something to do with armpit, some product and I even mentioned a name in the SMS! Damn, I can hide no more. I bet her mom knows that was from me. Ugh* No details on the content of the message though. It is just too malufying!! This post will serve as a reminder to myself to not simply press too fast on buttons.

A big thank you to BigJeff to make the effort to get some things for me from college. It's nice to have friends staying near! I'm blessed! Haha :P As usual, he commented on how I looked like. My swollen, puffy eyes shocked him for awhile. Oh well, let's just I have been pretty emotional these few days and nights. Oh yeah, he mentioned Big Five! Haha. HungryJess, if you don't stop eating 4 meals a day BigJeff will recruit you into the Big Four community and make it into a Big Five! Kekekeke*

I got to know of a joke by EatAllYouCanShung. Closely related to National Geographic. The joke was not on National Geographic but it was on me! *ROaRRRR** Such a mean boyfriend! *cough* My sister's :P

Another random matter. My Twitter has somehow become a girls' guide to happiness. LOL. Warranties not provided if your man breaks your heart. It's partly of things I did and did not do but of which I should actually do. Girls are not THAT simple you know?!

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