Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Mutsy Strollers

There used to be only one boring type of baby strollers available in the market during my baby years. I envy that now babies are pampered with all those chic looking baby strollers! There's no end with how creative people can be now. There are more newly improved strollers everyday in the market.

I love how the Slider works. It is compact, low in weight and has a sophisticated and sporty look. It is a must have for all moms and mom-to-be out there. This cool looking stroller is brought to you by Mutsy. Another important thing is that the entire upper part of it can be detached from the frame and folds up very small. The handle can also be reversed to make easy for moms to look at their precious baby. Slider also features our durable wheels with less weight, a quick release 3-position seat, protective hood on the fully-constructed bassinet and a solid handle.


Next are the 4 RIDER “NEXT” Cargo ranges that offer the functionality of the 4Rider with the addition of a leather handle and the Cargo range of fabrics. It is suitable for transporting infants because it consist of a strong handle, a mattress pad and cover, and zip storage compartments for mom to keep their baby necessities in. I like both strollers actually. It's modern, very user-friendly and affordable! Mutsy is offering 10% discount on any Mutsy orders now by using the discount code mutsy100off. Wait no more and make an order now! :)

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