Tuesday, 24 June 2008

He's Back!! Kisses**

I haven't really been updating on my life. Too busy being free :P Don't be jealous! Spicy-B is already back in Malaysia! Serdang, to be precise. You should see the smile on my face. I had it on everyday except for certain times when my mind was troubled with some matters. Receiving just an SMS from him each day makes my heart flutters. There is absolutely a big difference between receiving one from UK and Malaysia. I prefer getting one from Serdang. Sigh~ But soon things are going to be different once again :(

My legs needed a rest from all the walking

I am So SO proud of my boy for putting off so much weight. I envy you =S Let's pray that we don't gain any weight this time alright coz I can feel the fats on my waist already. Paranoid. Hanging around doing nothing is as much fun as doing something. It's the company that counts. And I'm in good hands now :D His home and the cinema is where we head to most of the time. Guess it really is costly to watch movies in UK -_-" I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the outdated AVP didn't turn out that bad.

The thing about me being a bully really put me off a lot little. I've become so sensitive to that word already. Ouch. The awkward moments are still very awkward actually. Hmmm... but never mind about it already. I love you still :)

Baby boy and I

Oh yea, I did mention about a road trip when he comes back right? Well, it's going to be more than that. We'll be staying in Malacca for two nights! Yay!


Simon Seow said...

So nice can eat chicken rice balls, satay celup, cendol and or chieh.

e s t a n c u s said...

super sweet!! (^^,)

TZ said...

Enjoy your trip in Malacca eh! ... nice place to visit :->

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
Eh recomment places to go and where to eat la.. My first time there. I don't wish to eat those not so nice food and miss out the nice ones. And I don't know what to do there besides eat =S

e s t a n c u s

I think I will. Any recommendations on food and places to go ?

Simon Seow said...

It's been a long time I've never been to Malacca, so I'm really not qualify to recommend food to you. But fear not, you see my Gluttony list you'll know I am ever resourceful when it comes to food. Try reading my friend's Jackson's food blog here to find your answer.

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
I know I can count on you when it comes to food ;D Thanks for the blog recommendation then. Hehe. Will go through it tonight.