Sunday, 1 June 2008

That Bitch Almost Got Raped

Kobe is about 6 months old now. Going to have her first period soon I think, and become a woman. Er, or an adult dog. Well, just hope that she matures into an obedient dog coz till today she still has her puppy behaviours.

She'll purposely put on the pitiful look when she sees anyone of us eating and not offering her some.

Her saliva drips from her mouth like there's no tomorrow if she can sense that you're eating without offering her.

She makes funny noises when we are late to serve her meal.

She makes another type of funny noises when she wants me to sit next to her and watch her sleep. This happens every night @_@

She barks when Pou Pou (my other dog) sleeps at her place.

She barks at us when it's time for her evening walk but there's no sign of us getting ready to go.

She enjoys watching birds fly in the morning.

She barks so fiercely at strangers, cats and dogs.

But the funny thing is, she is scared of them more than anyone -_-"

Yes, Kobe is seriously scared of other dogs! She would hide behind our legs after barking at them.

A dog tried to get on to her yesterday and got her jumping and climbing at us because she was scared and wants to be carried -_-"

It's proven that looks can be deceiving. Just look at Kobe with the fierce look and all but after getting to know her you will wonder why those people are so scared of her. She's just an adorable bitch baby!



Nux V said...

u call your dog a bit*h? LOL!

pamsong said...

My dog's already 84 in doggie years and she still behaves like a puppy. Haha. For your sake, I hope that your 'pup' grows up. =p

yahui said...

lolz at your blog title. totally caught me attention. literal but deceiving. XD

Falcon said...

bitch nearly got

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Almost Got Raped?
Did you report to the police?

shanewei said...

well put :)

Simon Seow said...

Wah Pam, your dog 84 still alive, that's very good already for dog.

pamsong said...

Simon: Yeah, I know. =p

Tigerkiller said...

hahaha...likely to be a distant relative of mine!!!

julian said...

Nice dog :) You wait for her to sleep every night? You're very patient! My dogs get a biscuit and 'Good Night' and that's it...

Serene said...

Sounds so like Georgi.. only know how to make lotsa noises but timid like wat! lol

blurryhunniee said...

nux v
Well, that's her nature. She's a female, you see :P

I hope so too. No idea how old is Kobe in doggie years though. No idea how to calculate it. Haha.

Sorry to disappoint to.


Almost. Police report? Sure tak dilayan -_-"


simon seow
How long can dogs usually live actually?

LOL. She's a cross between er, I have no idea what breed for sure. Hehe. But I sure hope she grows to the size of Bear Bear :D

Yeah. But there's not much problem coz she'll sleep almost straight away. We let her play after dinner so she'll be tired at night. But there are times when she's just so restless to sleep, that's the time when I need to watch her sleep :)

Yeah! I wanted to tell Kobe that she's only embarrassing herself :P

Tigerkiller said...

Blur> I doubt so! Really too big. You can come and hug him as and when you wan.