Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Taste Of Big Apple Donuts

Thunder! Lightning! It has been raining the whole day. This only means no television to watch and no going online. Boredom struck! No sound at all! You can even hear clearly as the annoying army of blood sucking mosquitoes fly around, hunting for its prey. That's me, of course. Ouch! I looked down at my arm and see a painful, swelling mosquito bite. Moments later, I felt another one bit me. Why can't these pesky vampires leave me alone?! My left arm alone had 4 bites and I'm not going to count how many are there in my other parts of my body.

I did some reading and found out that only the females feed on blood. Bitch! The female will land on our skin, sticks her dirty proboscis (the part of the head that is used to bite) into us, and grossly spit some of its saliva onto our skin! The proboscis is very sharp and thin so that we may not feel the biting going on. Very cunning. Her saliva on the other hand contains a protein that prevents our blood from clotting. Maybe we should be thankful for their saliva =S Then, she will suck our blood into her hideous looking abdomen. 5 microlitres per serving! I might as well donate my blood to the needy! Bloody vampires! After she has bitten us, some saliva will remain in the wound and then evoke an immune response from our body. The area swells and we itch like crazy! The itch will stays until our immune cells win the battle against that gross protein saliva.

Here is a random fact, if the female mosquito is disturbed, she will fly away. Otherwise, she will remain until she has a full abdomen. If you were to cut the sensory nerve to her abdomen, she would keep sucking until she burst. Stupid. Don't you just hate those evil little creatures? I do.

I'm a bitchy vampire..Come Smack me!

After feeding those flying creatures, it's my turn to be fed! Haha. SlowCatchUpKuan came home with a box of doughnuts from Big Apple Donuts. Yippee! I have always wanted to try out the doughnuts there since I've already tried the ones in J.Co Donuts. Upon opening the big beautiful box that could fit 6 pieces of doughnuts in it, there's only 3 could be found in the box brought back. Apparently SlowCatchUpKuan and EatAllYouCanShung got hungry on the way home and ate 3 of it. Mango Tango, California Almonds and Choreo are what are left in the box to be shared among the people in the house. So, we cut it into small pieces to make sure that everyone could have a taste of each flavours. As I sinfully gulp down the doughnuts into my stomach, my mind were thinking "More exercise needed here." Sigh..

I still prefer J.Co! J.Co's is so much better in so many ways! Not to say Big Apple Donuts tak boleh makan.. It is very tasty if you were to compare it to the Dunkin' Donuts. The varieties in flavours are awesome. What is the most important thing in a donut? Yes, the texture of the dough. J.Co's doughnuts are much softer compared to the ones in Big Apple. Let's not take Dunkin' Donuts into comparison, 'coz theirs are hard and dry =P The design of the boxes provided by Big Apple are lovely though. As for the taste of the flavours, there's not much difference. When it comes to the atmosphere, J.Co wins it all. Big Apple made a big mistake by having their cafe outdoor. Who wants enjoy their cup of coffee in a place that doesn't provide air-conditioner? Hello?? This is Malaysia.. Panas...

Elloo, I'm Big Apple...I'm big aren't I?

Polka-polka dots~~

Read me! Read me!

If you are a doughnuts-lover, it won't matter to you whether the doughnuts are from J.Co or Big Apples. No wonder I'm fat! You will still love it! Yea, I'm talking about myself here. Hehe. Of course, if it's from J.Co, it would make a happier person. It would be best if someone is willing to deliver it to my house and not to mention free of charge, and makes me go 'uuhh' and 'ahhh' o_O
I want a taste of the Krispy Kreme's too! I want! I want! People, tah pao back for me when you guys come back from Australia, U.K, U.S, Indonesia, wherever you are and wherever you can find it =)

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