Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Adventure In PV5

HungryJess and BadBoyVincent figured that they should start to exercise as well. It's good to have friends to exercise together. It kind of motivates you to continue to work out even if your body is desperately screaming for you to stop. So I agreed to join them for a gym session in BadBoyVincent's condo. However, we were late due to the 'kepohci-nes' of BadBoyVincent. Hehe. We end up replacing the gym session to a jogging session instead.

One and a quarter. That's the number of rounds I managed to jog around the park. Haha. Bad record, I know. But I kalahkan HungryJess leh! =P Wanted to jog even longer but dad already called asking me to get ready as he doesn't like to wait for anyone including me. As quickly as we could, we went to get my belongings and waited till my dad made another call sounded a little angry complaining that he can't see me anywhere near the guardhouse. Of course he can't! I was in PV5, he was in PV6!

I had to make all the way to PV6 because dad refused to drive to PV5. 5 and 6 might sound near. But trust me, it is far! And did I mention it's dangerous as well? Alright, there you go, I'm telling you now that it's dangerous. There are constructions going on along the road to PV6. Luckily my hero and heroine of the day accompanied me. Halfway through, the rain pour quite heavily and made us run for our lives.

Big bags, PA book, shoe lace untied, muddy ground. That kind of sums up the condition at that time. Not a sexy sight at all. I was all drenched when I enter the car and the other two was stranded in PV6. So sorry!

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