Friday, 19 October 2007

The Clock Now States 5.02am


Had been sleeping late these few days. Everyday actually, for the past 2 weeks. I don't think any of my friends could recognise me now. The result of sleeping late and not getting enough sleep is just too obvious. Sigh..

The ignorant-me tend to look at the clock for the time, only to realize that it is already 5 in the morning. It happens every night. M.C.Square kinda complained last night that I've been coming online at weird hours, where a normal homosapien would be soundly asleep and snoring by then. Yalar, I admit. I'm not normal. Been getting "Why so late still online?" a lot. Well, let's just say UK time zone and ours is not the same. That used to be the reason. But only to get "My friends are bored, they wanna go shop/walk/whatever, catch u later or something", etc after forcing my brain, eyes, body and soul *lol* to stay awake. No big deal lar actually. Dramatic. Hehe.

As for now, I stay up for no apparent reason. I was either too caught up with my burger-making and big fish-eats-small fish games or I was just busy chatting my time away with other abnormal people who stays up late like me. Ok, alright, there are some normal ones as well. Better not piss KennyTheKingOfJackpot off, he's gonna change my life =P

What did I managed to obtain for the many can-consider-sleepless nights?
The noticeable dark circles under my eyes. I so-wanna die already! Don't call me panda! Don't! Don't! As if having ugly dark circles under my eyes is not hideous enough, I have really really awful looking eyebags. Crying out loud for suggestions to get rid of it! Please help me. I beg.

Flaky skin is what I get what I get from the lack of sleep. Or maybe that is just a sign that I'm getting old =S My body gets dehydrated at night, forcing me to consume glasses of H2O, which would then makes me bloat the next day. To me, bloat equals to fat. So, I'm fat every single day! I might sound obsessive about how I look nowadays, that's because I am. Haha.

My body must hate me for torturing it by not sleeping. It has been sending me all kinds of signals. First, my gums start to bleed as a warning sign for me to sleep. This followed by the painful strain in the eyes and dizziness up on the head. But then when I decide to give in and goes to bed, the tiny brain of mine still is doing its job and thinking about those unsettled matters that are left unsettled. Konon hardworking. Hence, I can't sleep. My body then punishes me in the morning by giving me muscle aches and headaches. Not forgetting difficulty in breathing and period that comes twice a month.

Anyhow, one can and will never learn a lesson before anything destructive happens. Just look at me, the clock states 4.44am and I'm still blogging. Heck!

One last thing, I get surprises late at night when everyone is sleeping. Snores. Haha. Girls do snore. It usually happens when they are dead tired. KidCheng must be very tired these few days =P And she scare me just now by talking to me in her sleep! She opened her eyes, look straight at me as I was sitting on the floor next to her bed, and talk! She was staring at me, so I presumed she must be talking to me. But when I asked her to repeat herself, she just stared for a moment and went back to sleep. Creepy~ I bet she don't remember anything at all when she wakes up.

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