Thursday, 4 October 2007

She Loves Me

I am not a self-proclaimed dungu! I am Not a dungu in what-so-ever way! SlowCatchUpKuan managed to log into my page and stole my very first blog's virginity by posting such untrue statement (referring to ' i am a dungu wearing a blue stripe dress ' post). I wasn't even wearing a dress..It was just a sleeveless shirt -.-"

She can't differentiate which blog is hers and which is mine. She can't see the difference between a dress and a normal shirt. She makes delusive statements. I'm worried if her 'sickness' gets worse! =P

Is she really delusional? Or, is she really that desperate to make me start writing that she has to write the first post for me.. Maybe she just loves me too much that she has to get involved =S

I did have a blog back in 2004. But I left it untouched. Hehe *lazy*
Then I started this few days back.And left it untouched till now!
It's undeniable. I'm a procrastinator by nature.

So, I would say, SlowCatchUpKuan loves me a tiny bit too much. *look at the bright side sis, it's better than calling you pathetic* =P

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SlowCatchUpKuan said...

ei @$@#%$#%@!@!! i am not delusional!!! i am just doing u a favor to spice up ur boring sad life *hehehe