Friday, 19 October 2007

I'm Suicidal

Last week, SlowCatchUpKuan and I suggested and kind of promised mom that we would bring her to Krua Thai for some authentic Thai food. Mom, being her usual self, syok syok for a while and agreed to go the day after tomorrow, but rejected the idea when the day finally arrived, disappointing the good daughters in the Cheong family =P Now you understand why I said "She won't go lar" in the conversation below.

"6pm already. Mom not cooking today? Haven't come back wan."
"Dunno. But I feel like eating Thai food lar."
"She won't go eat lar. It's not raining now, eat also not that nice."
"Cold wert. Nice lar."

Mom finally came home right after my conversation with SlowCatchUpKuan. To our surprise, happily she said, "Let's go eat Thai food. It's late. I don't want to cook." Unbelievable. This is the first time ever she give in to the idea of us bringing her out to eat, without the need to nag her for days and weeks on why she should take a break and enjoy herself eating out once in awhile. Oh wait, maybe it's not the first time. I can't recall. As far as I remember, it is the first. Even dad did not reject our offer! Yay!

Due to the hurtful statement made by the nasty SlowCatchUpKuan, I had to bathe and change first. She said I am becoming so "Malai" already that everything that I do, I do it in a very slow pace. Ouch! I am slow, but I am not THAT slow! That's only one of the reasons why I had to go first. KidCheng seemed to be still digesting the idea of eating out when I was already getting ready to bathe and SlowCatchUpKuan was still very much attracted to whatever that was on the laptop screen at that time. There you go, another 2 reasons on why I had to go first.

To prove that I'm not slow, I bathed as fast as I could and it took me about 20 to 25 minutes? Err...Considered fast, right? Ok lar, I'm not fast but neither am I slow. Hehe. As I was 'rushing' in the bathroom, I realized the cut on my left wrist. No idea where and when did I get that. Must be from the broken pipe handle that I was messing with. Hmm, maybe I did it myself, not accidental. Maybe I was hallucinating and didn't realize that I was cutting myself. Haha. Whatever happened, the cut was not deep enough to bleed, let alone kill me.

Just a small matter..

Mom made a fuss in the car. She was the one driving, doesn't know the location of the restaurant and she's not used to people directing her where to turn and all. *Faint* As we were reaching to the restaurant, she worried that she couldn't find a parking space near the restaurant and wanted to park in a place that is so far away. Luckily there was a van blocking her way so she couldn't park at her initial place and found a better one near to the restaurant. Hehe.

This time we had seafood tom yam, chicken in pandan leaves and mix vegetables. The seafood tom yam was no difference from the first I had with HungryJess. The chicken tasted just as good. No idea what are the ingredients they used to marinate the chicken. I can't cook, don't ask me. But I believe there must be some use of chili powder. I can taste a little bit of spiciness there. Spicy food rocks my world! The mix vegetables were just so-so, similar to the ones we usually have in Chinese restaurants, so it's not spicy or sour. Thank god. My parent had come to an age where their stomach couldn't accept too much of spicy or sour food.

Mom scolded me when I took out the camera to take some pictures of the food. "Eat lar, take photos for what?! Mou liu." She thinks I'm pathetic -_-" So, I only managed to get a quick one on the seafood tom yam. Sigh..

Seafood tom yam.. I <3

Krua Thai make another 5 happy people here today! Still, I felt guilty when CoachYokeLing checked on me just now. But I didn't overeat and I did exercise today! One hour wey! Haha.

This week, there's no cash inflow..only sad...

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