Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Happy Birthday, M.C.Square!!

Happy 22nd Birthday to one of the Big Four!! Hehe..

This post is so belated. However the celebration did took place on the actual day (26th Oct) =) Too bad not everyone could make it due to the difference in the subjects that everyone is taking for externals and the timing of the revision classes. So the ones who can make it, had lunch together in a small restaurant called Cannes in Genting Klang. Hope you enjoyed yourself, big guy! Hope your birthday wish include us all =P

Oh yeah, the birthday boy is very happy indeed..

Before: Yummy-looking birthday cake

After: Digged in and obviously harrasted

M.C.Square in action

Group photo..I have no idea why BigJeff loves to put his hands on our heads

The guys giving their before-CR look.. Muka 10sen la..

Suppose to be all-girls photo, but M.C.Square did not want to move his ass!

Wish you all the best!! Hugs and Kisses!!

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