Friday, 26 October 2007

Half-Government College

BadBoyVincent: Ei, let's go check out the swimming classes.
Me: Ok, no problem. Still got time before dad reach.
HungryJess: He semangat want me to learn.
Me: K lor. Let's go.
(Walk all the way to the college sports block)

It is important for everyone to know how to swim. At least there is still a chance for survival if you fell into the ocean when you're on a cruise.
That is if you got the chance to go on a cruise. No worries if you don't get to go on a cruise. You can save yourself if you drown in a bathtub. Only god knows how that could happen. Hehe. These are part of the reason HungryJess determined to learn how to swim. That's only my guess =P Besides, to prove that she's an obedient girlfriend, she listened to her BadBoyVincent to learn it in college. Haha. So, we went to the sports department in the attempt to get some information about the swimming lessons provided there but to no avail because the EncikAkuTakTau at the counter is no help at all.

EncikAkuTakTau: Ye? Nak apa ni?
BadBoyVIncent: Nak tanya pasal swimming class kat sini.
EncikAkuTakTau: Oh. Aku tak tau lar. Err.. Kamu tanya orang lain. You pergi situ tanya.
(Pointing opposite direction at the room in the next level)

We went up to the room and found that the 'OUT' tag was placed at the door. So, we went down to ask the EncikAkuTakTau if he could just give us some brochure or something.

BadBoyVincent: Tak ada orang dalam tu. Tu ada 'OUT' sign kat pintu.
EncikAkuTakTau: Ada lar. Aku tak tau. Kamu pergi tanya dia. Ada orang punya. Pergi lar. Saya bukan in charge.

Stupidly we went back to the room. We're lucky this time as there are a few students sitting outside the room that directs us to the squash court where the supposingly-Person-In-Charge is at the moment. BadBoyVincent was being heroic and went into the court alone where all the other students who are having some class/activities conducted by Person-In-Charge. Ok, ok, we forced him to go. Haha. However, Person-Incharge only complained that he is the only one who does the job around there and sent us back to the EncikAkuTakTau.

EncikAkuTakTau: Aku tak tau. Ni,nama pelajar dalam fail ni. Kalau nak tulis nama.
BadBoyVincent: Bila class? Pukul brapa? Harga brapa?
EncikTakTau: Itu saya tak tau. Kalau nak tulis nama. Nanti bila-bila ada orang call la.
BadBoyVincent: Ok la. Tak pah. Terima kasih.

As you can see, both girls (HungryJess and I) didn't utter a word at all. Bahasa Melayu kind of karat already. Hehe.

We end up knowing nothing but the time of the classes that is available. Remark from BadBoyVincent, "I feel like we're in a government office. Directing us here and there."
I agree to that. They are slow, they love to direct people around, they give no information at all and they tend to "Aku tak tau" alot!

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