Sunday, 14 October 2007

Mini Nestle Drumstick.. Eww..

It has been raining since morning. It is still not cold enough for me. Must be the fats stored in my body! =S Subconsciously being mean to precious body, I accepted to the offer for a Mini Nestle Drumstick.

Before: Ice-cream!! Yay!

After: Regret! Regret!! Never thought that ice-cream could taste as yucky as the one I just had. EEwww...Yuckiest ice-cream ever! And the extra kilos it is contributing to my body weight =( I want to die! *dramatic*

The worst ice-cream ever!

You can only taste the creamy-ness of it but not the chocolate flavour. Take note to the fact that it is an 'All Chocolate Cone' ice-cream. Fail la wey.. What a disappointment..

I shall not eat any mini drumsticks anymore.. The original size is so much better. Hehe.

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